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Exclusive Quality Mass Tort Cases Ready To Litigate. If your law firm handles mass tort or class action lawsuits, you’ll want to talk to us!



Exclusive MVA Cases Ready To Litigate. If your law firm handles motor vehicle accident or commercial truck accident cases, contact us!



Exclusive Personal Injury Cases Ready To Litigate. Our legal intake specialists verify each lead based on YOUR criteria before getting YOUR retainer signed.



Real Leads. Real Results. Real Fast.™ Rapid Results Leads®. Your Phone Will Start To Ring Almost As Soon As We Get Your Campaign Started!



Our unique and advanced technology works through the GPS system and “tags” people once they enter a targeted zone.



Finance Your Legal Services. Litigation Funding. Legal Funding For Attorneys and Plaintiffs.



Zero Risk Mass Tort Cases™

Member Mass Tort Vendor Association

Mass Tort Cases Ready To Litigate.



What’s The Hardest Task For Your Firm?  Obtaining Cases, Right?
Well Not Anymore!  We Provide Highly Qualified Mass Tort Clients To Your Firm.
Direct Wholesale Prices From A Client Acquisition Agency!

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Zero Risk MVA Cases™

Exclusive Auto, Truck and Motorcycle Cases for Attorneys.

Our MVA leads are verified against YOUR criteria. You only pay for clients that have signed your retainer.

  1. Fixed price regardless of the market you serve
  2. Cut your marketing costs and expenses-NO High and Erratic PAY PER CLICK Costs
  3. All Cases are fully vetted to your law firm’s criteria
  4. Vetted and qualified plaintiffs ready to go, and SIGNED on the dotted line
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Attorney Lead Generation

Rapid Results Lead Generation Program®

Need your phone to ring? We Deliver Exclusive, Targeted Legal Leads In Real Time. No BS!

You need a team that will generate legal leads that will change your life! Delivered to your phone in real time.



We have delivered more than 2,000,000 VERIFIED legal leads in the last two years alone.

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Geo Conquesting

Our unique and advanced technology works through the GPS system and “tags” people once they enter a targeted zone (such as your local competition’s place of business).

This allows you to target to a much more defined audience, while saving money along the way.

Don’t limit yourself to advertising on just one platform.  Our massive targeting approach will get your ad appearing on literally thousands of places.

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Why Choose Us!

Are you chasing the leads?

We Deliver Exclusive, Targeted Legal Leads and Signed Cases In Real Time. No BS!

Have You Heard This Before? “I can get you leads-Guaranteed”, “We can get you top quality leads by our experts in SEO” or “We have a brilliant marketing team that knows how to build qualifying questions into our lead forms to form a more clear picture of the client you are looking for”?

I know you have heard these lines and many more like these lines-probably every single day.

Are they really selling exclusive leads that are generated just for you? Or are they selling low quality leads that are generated using keyword phrases that have no user intent ( we have discovered their secret ).

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We started with ForLawFirmsOnly last fall.  They built a website for us and handle our digital marketing program.  We have been very pleased with all aspects of their marketing for us.  They really know

the legal market.  Their staff is extremely responsive.  They also offer all the online services a law firm would ever need.  We added in their Google Maps marketing program and within 90 days our firm is in the top 3 for most of keyword.

It is indeed a pleasure to work with one vendor and know they will take great care of my firm’s online marketing needs.

Gene Scott, Esq., Scott and Riddle LLP Partner

We were not getting found on any of the search engines.  We fired our third seo company that claimed they would get us found and only charge if they got keywords ranked. Unfortunately, we fell for the hype.  We were being charged for 25 keyword rankings per month but our phone did not ring with new leads from their service.

We hired Ed and his team at ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing to clean up the bad links created by prior firms. We added a Google My Business ranking program and within a few months, our firm appeared in the top 3 in the maps area. We were able to reduce our pay per click budget and will soon be dropping it in favor of a digital advertising program that Ed has created for us.  Our firm is growing quickly.  Thank you Ed and the entire team at ForLawFirmsOnly for your awesome marketing and your customer support.

Debra Caroline, Wright & Stern, LLP Marketing Director

Ed is an online marketing master!  He not only knows how to get leads online but he helped me turn them into paying clients!  He’s an amazing business strategist and I’d recommend him over and over again because he just gets it.

Jennifer Karolee, Austin TX Partner

From $175,000 a year to nearly $1 Million a year for my divorce practice. Ed is hands down the best attorney marketer on the planet!

Shelly Z., Austin, TX Partner

If you are looking for someone to do marketing for your law firm you need to call Ed Lott. His skills will ensure you get results fast. He is very knowledgeable, ethical, and sincerely wants you to succeed.

Harold J., Tampa FL Partner

Thanks to Ed’s coaching and expert marketing skills, the phone at my law firm started ringing again and I just landed a $7,500 client.

Shasha W., Baltimore MD Partner

In our first year our law firm hired Ed Lott to generate business on the internet. The return on investment was fantastic. We estimate over $1,500,000 in new business was a direct result of Ed’s efforts. I have never found a better marketing strategy and we had literally tried everything before we found Ed.

Philip Bennett, Orange County CA Partner

I highly recommend Ed and his marketing team at ForLawFirmsOnly for their lead generation program.

We tried all the lead gen programs that came knocking on our door.  We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years with very low ROI.  The quality of the leads are far better than leads we were buying from other lead gen firms we have used and the ROI has been remarkable.  We plan on adding more practices areas with ForLawFirmsOnly in the coming year.

Tasha Tillman, Esq. Partner

The leads we have received from ForLawFirmsOnly have been of the highest quality.  Our trial run of 20 leads were of very high quality.  ROI is significantly higher than we were getting from our other online marketing efforts.

We have opened up our marketing budget for their program and eliminated our other efforts.  We switched to their fixed fee program, significantly reducing the cost per lead.

I highly recommend Ed Lott and the team at ForLawFirmsOnly lead gen program.

Lucas Edmunds, Marketing Director, Pearl Law Firm, PC Marketing Director

Ed and his team came through where other legal lead generation companies have failed our firm.

We started to receive leads within two weeks from the start of our campaigns. The quality has been superior to other leads we buy.

We were able to set 8 appointments from the first 10 calls and sign on 4 new clients for personal injury cases.  We could not be more pleased with the results.

Adam Bell, Esq. Partner

ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing has greatly enhanced the image of my law firm and transformed my business. Ed Lott and his team are friendly, informative and easy to reach. They are very knowledgeable about what it takes to gain the right exposure to be successful. Thanks to ForLawFirmsOnly, I anticipate a tremendous increase in revenue.  Their lead generation program truly works.  I highly recommend Ed Lott to anyone seeking a website face-lift and an increase in clientele!

Suzanne Baker, J.D., Baker Law, PLC Partner

Well, another GREAT Project has been completed! Just a quick note of thanks to Ed’s team for their hard work and make our dream true!! They have made our website a huge success for client marketing! It’s always a pleasure to work with such a dedicated, buttoned-up group of people. Thank Ed for continuing to help us shine.

Peter M., Zory and Stineberg, PLC Marketing Director

Our website has been up and running for 2 weeks. We are thrilled with the response! We have been receiving 1-2 phone calls a day from new clients from across North America that have seen our website and have called looking for a law firm to handle their product liability cases. We never imagined we would receive this much business back from our website in such a short time. Many thanks to Ed for all of their hard work and great ideas!

Shawn S. Partner

What an awesome company. We had great results with the design and implementation of our new website AND the local search and mobile search marketing campaigns made a huge difference in our bottom line. Our ROI has been much higher than expected. Thank you Ed and his team!

John R. Marketing Team Director

ForLawFirmsOnly has done an excellent job in obtaining quick first page and second page listings. They have been very diligent and have not wasted my time. All of my queries have been answered right away and has gone out of there way in answering any questions. They are still working on SEO to further improve ranking.

Theron Beckles Partner

I appreciate the timely response if I have questions, etc. Not to mention how quickly the team has gotten things up and running.

Ervin Paschale Partner

Have to say, we were very skeptical at the start, but ForLawFirmsOnly have been 1st class in every aspect of our inquiries. Reasonable prices, great results and helpful support. We would not hesitate to recommend ForLawFirmsOnly to others!

Jorge H. Ellis Partner

This is the third time my firm has used this service and I hope it can produce the same results as previous.  Highly recommended Ed and his team at ForLawFirmsOnly!

Helen C. Collins Partner

I have now been using ForLawFirmsOnly for six months and i am very pleased with their service.  Unlike other seo companies I have hired, they actually do the work that I am paying for and have even done a great deal more.

I would highly recommend ForLawFirmsOnly for all your SEO Requirements.

Richard E. Partner

I hired ForLawFirmsOnly to help my law firm gain better rankings. It has been only a few weeks since we began the SEO campaign and I already have seen a huge progress being made.  We are very excited about the growth we have seen in our firm since starting with Ed and his team.

Martina A. Partner


The Monsanto Papers: Roundup (Glyphosate) Cancer Trials Key Documents & Analysis

Apr 06, 2020 |

(Scroll down to see trial schedule and see Trial Tracker for detailed updates) Monsanto’s German owner Bayer AG has confirmed that more than 42,700 people have filed suit against Monsanto alleging that exposure to Roundup herbicide caused them or their loved ones to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and that Monsanto covered up the risks.  The current … Continue reading “The Monsanto Papers: Roundup (Glyphosate) Cancer Trials Key Documents & Analysis”

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Despite the fact that the Missouri Supreme Court canceled all in-person arguments in April as a result of the Coronavirus crisis, the Missouri Eastern District Court of Appeals in St. Louis has set a date of April 24 for Johnson and Johnson’s appeal of the record-setting $4.69 billion verdict against the company in July 2018. … Continue reading “Litigation Update: Date Is Set for Johnson & Johnson’s Appeal”

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Litigation Update: Roundup Advertising Class Action Settled for $39.5 Million

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On March 23, Bayer AG – on behalf of its Monsanto unit – agreed to pay $39.5 million to settle claims that it ran misleading ads for its controversial weed killer, Roundup.  The lead plaintiff in the proposed class filed in the USDC for the Western District of Missouri, Lisa Jones, alleged in her February … Continue reading “Litigation Update: Roundup Advertising Class Action Settled for $39.5 Million”

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