A Transport Truck Exploded In Ontario, Canada. How Could This Have Been Prevented?

A Transport Truck Exploded In Ontario, Canada. How Could This Have Been Prevented?

fire-165575_640In October, a terrible tragedy struck in Northern Ontario. A veteran truck driver and father of nine was among those killed in a devastating pileup which killed three people and set off a massive fireball on the highway. The incident, according to police, involved at least four transport trucks and three fuel tankers and spilled thousands of liters of fuel onto the road.
The highway was closed for more than 24 hours as a result of the explosive crash, and an environmental cleanup crew was sent to deal with the aftermath. As is often the case in these situations, the blame seems to lie with another truck driver, who crashed into slowing traffic due to distraction. Even though it was primarily truckers injured in this accident, it’s no less terrible.
And it still raises many questions about negligence, road safety, and trucking firms who simply push their drivers too hard.
It’s often easy to forget that truckers aren’t usually the ones to blame in incidents like this – at least, not directly. Rather, the lion’s share of responsibility lies with their employer. Trucking agencies frequently require their drivers to cut corners, to work long hours without breaks, and to push themselves to the edge to make their deliveries.
Not many people can handle that sort of stress – and even men and women who seem built for it can start to lag behind after being subject to it for too long.
This is just one of the many issues plaguing the trucking industry, both at home and abroad. Regulators know something needs to be done about it, mind you. That’s why there’s a constant push for tougher regulations, better penalties, and more oversight.
At the same time, that doesn’t help those who have already been injured by such tragedies. It doesn’t help those who’ve lost loved ones to a trucking firm’s desire for a better bottom line. It doesn’t provide reparation.
That’s where Bormaster Law comes in. We’ve made it our business to help the victims of corrupt, negligent, and careless trucking agencies. Whatever firm was responsible for your loss, however great, we’ll see that a due is paid.
We’ve a long history of taking firms to task, and we’re more interested in helping our clients than making bank. That’s why you don’t pay unless you win – and why consultations are free. So if you’ve been injured, call us today.
Let us help you take back your life.
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