A Trucking Company Owner In Canada Was Just Jailed For a Collision – Here’s Why That Matters


On February 13, 2014, a transport truck operated by Ontario-based ABI trucking collided with the vehicle of an off-duty police officer. He died on-scene. Investigators quickly found that the accident could have been prevented – over the course of five days, the truck was driven for nearly one hundred fifteen hours.

That on its own was suspicious enough, without the fact that the truck’s brake and clutch weren’t engaged once during the accident. The driver was going at full throttle right up until he killed the officer. After news of the story broke, a former employee of ABI Trucking quickly games forward.

According to that employee, the company’s drivers frequently from Thunder Bay to Toronto and back with little or no sleep – a total of two straight days of driving. The driver involved in the collision, meanwhile, was discovered to maintain two logbooks, which he used to deliberately falsify his driving reports. The trucking company owner knew about this and did nothing to address it.

As a result, he has now been sentenced to six months in prison for being a party to dangerous driving.

“The evidence supports that Mr. Fummerton provided the drivers with the tools and ability to engage in this practice,” explained Justice Annalisa Rasaiah in a written statement. “He provided two log books and repeatedly paid the drivers for making these single driver delivery runs. It is necessary to make it clear to all persons in Mr. Fummerton’s position that they have a serious obligation to put the safety of their drivers and the public before their economic interests.”

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“It needs to be made clear to persons such as Mr. Fummerton that calculated non-compliance that can lead to terrible consequences for innocent users of the highways will not be tolerated,” she added.

This is a huge step forward – and hopefully, one that sets a precedent for future prosecution of trucking companies, both within our neighbor to the north and here in the US. Too often, trucking owners put their own bottom line above road safety for both their staff and other people on the road.

Rulings like this set us along the road to changing that. But it won’t be an easy path. There’ll always be people who try to skirt the law for their own game.

And that’s where Bormaster Law will step in. We’ve got a long history of taking corrupt trucking companies to task and ensuring they don’t get away with it when their cut corners result in grievous injury or death. More importantly, we’re interested in helping our clients – not just taking their money.

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