All The Ways You Can Read And Contact Above The Law

All The Ways You Can Read And Contact Above The Law

There are many, many ways to access Above the Law:

Don’t forget, Above the Law relies on tips from readers like you. Send us your leads, gossip, leaked documents, embarrassing photos, or anything else juicy. You can email us at or send an SMS/text message to (646) 820-8477. Both feeds go to all the Above the Law editors.

You can also contact all of the ATL editors individually at their personal emails:

  • Click here to email Elie Mystal.
  • Click here to email Staci Zaretsky.
  • Click here to email Joe Patrice.
  • Click here to email Kathryn Rubino.
  • Click here to email David Lat.

As always, we’ll keep your name strictly confidential. We’d love to hear from you!

We look forward to bringing readers the latest developments in news about the world of law — including law schools, law firms, and the legal profession more broadly — and we sincerely hope you’ll join us as we continue to publish serious legal journalism as no other website can do, and as Above the Law has done for more than a decade.

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