Geo Conquesting FAQs

How Many Clicks Will I Get?

The national average click-through-rate is .07%
Which means that for every 100,000 impressions you run you should get at least 70 clicks on your ad that take
people to your website*
For example:
If you are running 300,000 impressions you should expect at least 210 people will click on the ad and come to your website.
*We also track view throughs which means you can expect even more people to come to your website after seeing your ad but NOT clicking the ad.

How Many Of Those People Who Clicked Will Convert Into Leads Or Sales?

To figure this out you need to know what your typical website conversion rate is. In other words, of the people that typically come to your website how many of them convert (do what you want them to do)? Take that percentage x the clicks.
For example:
If you are running 300,000 impressions you should expect at least 210 people will click on the ad and come to your website. If you typically convert 5% of people from your website, that would be 210 x 5% which means 10 conversions should be expected.
What Do You Mean I Don’t Have Enough Impressions To Cover The Geographic Area I Want To Target?
If the area’s population is too large for the amount of impressions the client wants to buy… You’ll have reach but no frequency. It’s better to reach fewer people many times than many people just once.

How Will I See My Ad On Websites?

The likelihood of seeing your ad “live” is slim. Even if you type in keywords we are targeting or try to get
yourself retargeted off your website. The reasons for this are:
• There are millions of available ad impressions and your budget is a small percentage of those millions of impressions.
• We do not win every impression, nor do we bid on every available impression.
You will receive detailed monthly reports and we can give you a screenshot of your ad on a website.

Why Should I Care About Driving Traffic To My Website? I Don’t Sell On My Website, I’m Just Interested In Getting People To My Business Or Calling.

Increasing traffic to your website helps your organic Search Engine Optimization because a top ranking signal that Google looks at to determine where you rank for keywords related to your business, is the amount of traffic that comes to your website.

Why Can’t I Just Try This For A Month? (And/Or) Why Do You Require A Minimum Number Of Impressions?

Digital to work effectively needs frequency because the effects are cumulative. We need time for retargeting to kick in, conversions to be tracked and time to optimize. In addition, the average person is exposed to 10,860 ads a month and of those only about 3% make an impact on a person. You need frequency to break through the noise.

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