Attorney Live Chat Program-Live Chat For Law Firm Websites

How Live Chat Works on Legal Websites

We Chat With Your Visitors

We provide Live Chat software and agents 24/7 for law firms including personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, family, immigration, estate planning, and other legal practice areas. Watch your website leads soar with Live Chat.

Serving over 8,000 law firms. One of the great things about chat is that it works for firms of all sizes and practice areas. Our agents do the work for you.

The ForLawFirmsOnly Live Chat Program turns website visitors into clients with Live Chat.

Convert Website Visitors to Clients

Engage Your Website Visitors

With live chat enabled on your website, we’ll instantly engage with your visitors. Live Chat offers visitors a familiar channel to communicate 24/7 with your firm that phone or contact forms can’t. Live chat helps answer their initial queries. This interaction is invaluable in gaining new leads and new clients for your law firm, especially outside of regular schedule.

If you are successful at driving traffic to your site, we can help turn those visitors into clients.

Be the First Lawyer to Respond

Prospects looking for a lawyer online will visit several law firm websites while on their search. In a competitive space, the law firm that is quickest to engage and able to turn a passive visitor into a consultation will often win their business. This is the quintessential application of Live Chat. Responding to their inquiry in a timely manner is key. Don’t ever lose out on a client due to a delayed response.

Industry Trained Chat Agents

We route your chats to the agents who are best trained to handle your legal prospects. We won’t ever provide legal advice over Live Chat. Because of this, you never have to worry about your potential clients receiving answers that you or your office staff wouldn’t give. When needed, you can even customize the interactions by tailoring your law firm’s questions, answers and/or messages.

The ForLawFirmsOnly Live Chat Program provides professional operators ready to live chat with your website visitors 24/7/365.

Statistics show only a very small percentage of website visitors actually contact that business. A Live Chat feature on your website changes all of that!

Upon visiting your website, a Live Chat operator will proactively invite them to a personal chat. Upon accepting the invitation, our Live Chat Operator will engage them in a targeted, customized conversation. The goal is to gather contact information, address their questions, and determine the reason they have visited your site.

Immediately after the chat, our operator will send you a full transcript of the conversation. Thus ensuring you never miss an opportunity to turn visitors into potential clients.

If you are successful at driving traffic to your site, we can help turn those visitors into clients.

What are the biggest benefits for your law firm?

Turnkey Live Chat Service Includes Chat Agents

ForLawFirmsOnly Live Chat provides a complete service unlike most other live chat providers – we use our own industry trained Live Chat agents and software platform to service chats. This means major cost savings as we eliminate the need to take your key employees away from their core responsibilities to handle chats, or hire and train anyone to get started.

  • We give law firms the ability to offer their potential clients with another method to contact them 24 hours a day and ultimately increase the chance of turning a website visitor into a client.  Our customers see a 30-40+% increase in potential clients when they use our live chat service on their website.
  • With our live chat service, we obtain the potential client’s contact information, basics about their potential case, and also include answers to qualifying questions to identify injuries sustained or the date of the incident.

24/7 Live Chat Coverage

ForLawFirmsOnly Live Chat has you covered 24/7. We’ve seen on average 42% of leads converted via Live Chat take place after the typical business hours of 9am to 5pm. Without around-the-clock coverage you may be missing nearly half the leads you could be getting from your Live Chat provider.

Exclusively Designed for Web Conversion

ForLawFirmsOnly Live Chat is laser focused on the needs of attorneys. We have custom developed our platform to improve web visitor conversion for attorney online marketing efforts, not customer support.

Deep Industry Expertise

ForLawFirmsOnly has developed significant insight into what works and what doesn’t for each industry we serve through the millions of chats we have conducted. We use custom developed Live Chat scripts to improve web conversion and constantly review chat transcripts to improve system intelligence.

Pay For Performance Pricing

ForLawFirmsOnly charges only for actual qualified leads that are sent to you. There is no minimum recurring charge, or long term contract making our Live Chat service easy to try. You can cancel our service at any time without any penalty.

What makes ForLawFirmsOnly Live Chat unique?

Live Call Chat and Live Call Transfer

Live Phone Transfer

Real time lead conversion. Client Chat Live can connect potential clients directly to your office via phone with a couple clicks.

Custom Branding

We customize chat icons and windows to match your website’s design using your logo, color scheme, pictures and contact information. Branding your chat platform gives prospective clients the added comfort of knowing their questions and information are going to the right place.

CRM Integration

Full integration with many CRM systems in use, including and InfusionSoft.

Office Hour Tracking

Chat responses can behave differently based on office hours.

Mobile Optimized

Chat invites and windows sense mobile devices and adjust accordingly.

Monthly Reports

Visitor, chat and lead reports for deep insight and analytics.

Spanish Speaking Operators

Our Spanish speaking operators broaden your client reach by giving your potential clients the option of chatting in English or Spanish.

Custom Chat Script

You can customize your script to have our operators interact with potential clients in a way that accommodates your goals and objectives.

The ForLawFirmsOnly Live Chat Program is a powerful marketing tool for law firms of all sizes who are looking to convert their existing website visitors into qualified potential clients.

You spent marketing dollars on creating a website, managing the content, and driving visitors to it. Now you can interact with those visitors in real time as they browse your website and capture vital contact information to keep in touch once they leave.

Why wait? Start getting more leads with live chat!

For more information about how we can help your law firm convert browsers to clients call us today at 855-943-8736 or email us and one of our specialists will contact you.

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