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Get More Sales Calls From Your Website

Averaging 30% More Inbound Calls


Stop Losing Money: Website owners lose at least 25% of potential customers every day!

The Average Website owner is losing at least 25% of potential customers from their websites and landing pages and don’t even know it. When companies focus on driving traffic to their website, costing money, converting website visitors is often overlooked.

Unfortunately a large number of businesses do not focus on using all the tools available to maximize conversions. With Bouncehelp, your website can now generate more business guaranteed.

Bouncehelp delivers website engagement tools that guarantee increased phone calls from your website traffic, quickly connecting visitors, otherwise lost, with your business.

What is BounceHelp?

BounceHelp’s technology bridges the communication gap between website visitors and business. This is done by immediately connecting website visitors by telephone to your business.


A website widget will engage visitors and prompt them to immediately accept a phone call from your business. BounceHelp will call the visitor and then call you. On your end you will also receive a phone call. You will not need to make any call for this connection to be completed.


Visitor tracking and engagement is first initiated by a stylish scrolling contact button on the bottom right corner of your website. Offering an easy way to initiate contact with you, the contact button, once clicked opens a slide out panel. The slide out panel is also activated, on certain visitor behaviors, prompting a call to action to connect with you. Asking your website visitor to input their phone number of choice. Once a quick connect call is activated a countdown timer is displayed, reassuring your customer that they will be helped in under 8 seconds. Invite your visitors to call you, and get more sales calls.


97% of visitors tend to leave your website without making the desired action, so it’s a good idea to try to catch them at that time. Bouncehelp monitors visitor’s behavior, once an exit intent has been triggered, Exit Monitor displays a targeted offer or a question to your visitor. Engaging your visitor, Bouncehelp invites him or her to get a call from a company within 9 seconds. Engaging and converting abandoning website visitors into leads, that could have bought from your competition, increases profits, and is just “Smart Business”.


With over 50% of searches being mobile, Mobile Connect is a simple way for your website visitors to contact your business while on the go. With just one tap your visitors will be on the phone with your sales representative. A simple, stylish and engaging button that is always available on any website is an powerful solution for your customers to reach you when they need you the most.

Why is understanding the calling Process important?

Every website visitor will be prompted to connect with you within seconds. Understanding how this connection is made will help in call-in conversions as well as better helping your call in inquiries, through this unique process.

How the calling process works

BounceHelp uses 3 different apps to connect with website visitors.

1) Desktop Connect (Contact button placed on the website)


Once engaged, it will open to prompt visitor to accept an immediate call from the business.


The website visitor can also choose to schedule an automated call for a different time.



All phone calls are automated including scheduled calls.

2) Exit Intent (Popup that displays on website exit)


3) Mobile Connect (Mobile click to call for mobile users)


The website visitor will add a phone number to one of these apps to receive a callback, and click a button to agree to the call. BounceHelp will then initiate the phone call, and connect with the visitor, then call you all on autopilot.

Scheduled Calls

Scheduled calls will call the website visitor and your phone automatically.

Mobile visitors ​scheduled​ calls work differently. After hour mobile visitors that want a call back, will automatically be scheduled for the first hour of the business opening (set in the control panel by your administrator).

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