Behold, The FULL 2019 U.S. News Law School Rankings Leak (1-144, RNP)

- Behold, The FULL 2019 U.S. News Law School Rankings Leak (1-144, RNP)

Yesterday, we published a leak of the Top 100 law schools from the 2019 edition of the U.S. News law school rankings. Today brought us the rest of the unofficial rankings, and we’ll be publishing them here in their entirety.

Once again, today’s U.S. News rankings leaks come to us courtesy of Mike Spivey of the Spivey Consulting Group, who broke the news. For the past several years, Spivey has obtained the law school rankings ahead of their official publication, and they are always accurate. You can review them here, or at his blog here.

We’ve discussed the Top 50 and the Top 100, and now we’ll discuss the bottom third of the ranked schools before examining the schools whose ranks weren’t published.

In this segment of the rankings, among three ties, three three-way ties, two four-way ties, one five-way tie, and two six-way ties, we see the biggest double-digit gains by far, as well as the most tremendous losses. We imagine that the annual running of the deans will begin shortly after the official U.S. News rankings are published. For what it’s worth, deans of a few of the schools listed below may soon be vying for their jobs.

106. Albany Law School (+3)
106. University at Buffalo—SUNY
106. University of Maine (+33)
106. West Virginia University (-10)
110. Hofstra University (+8)
110. New York Law School (+2)
110. Catholic University of America (-4)
113. Cleveland State University (+14)
113. Gonzaga University (-1)
113. Santa Clara University (+19)
113. Texas Tech University (+5)
113. University of Louisville (-21)
113. University of St. Thomas (+7)
119. Duquesne University (+8)
119. University of Baltimore (-7)
119. University of Idaho (-10)
119. University of Missouri—Kansas City (-7)
119. University of Montana (+1)
119. Washburn University (+8)
125. Creighton University (-5)
125. CUNY (+2)
125. Pace University (-5)
128. DePaul University (-8)
128. Howard University (-8)
128. Mercer University (+6)
128. Seattle University (-8)
128. University of South Dakota (+14)
133. Drake University (-27)
133. Quinnipiac University (-6)
133. University of Wyoming (-21)
133. Vermont Law School (+1)
137. University of Memphis (+3)
137. University of Toledo (-5)
139. Belmont University (unranked last year)
139. Chapman University (-5)
141. University of Arkansas—Little Rock (-7)
141. University of Dayton (unranked last year)
143. Widener University (+5)
144. Northern Illinois University (+4)
144. Suffolk University (-4)
144. University of Akron (-10)

Congratulations to Cleveland State (+14), South Dakota (+14), Santa Clara (+19), and Maine (+33) on their huge gains in this year’s edition of the U.S. News law school rankings. Remember when we mentioned that Rutgers saw one of the largest rankings gains in history last year when it shot up 30 places after merging its campuses? It may be one of the ugliest law schools in America, but Maine Law just made history with this rankings climb after improving the credentials of its incoming class. Nice work! Moving on to things that aren’t so nice, schools like West Virginia (-10), Idaho (-10), and Akron (-10; be careful, you’re almost into RNP territory) get a pass when we have schools to discuss like Louisville and Wyoming, which both dropped 21 spots, and Drake, which wins the award for this year’s biggest rankings tumble after losing 27 places. What the hell happened?! These deans have some serious ‘splainin’ to do.

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The rest of the leaked rankings are available on the next page.

2019 USNWR Rankings (2018 Release) Are Here! [Spivey Consulting]

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