Circuit Court Shows No Mercy Dealing With Biglaw Partner, District Court That Can’t Follow The Rules — See Also

- Circuit Court Shows No Mercy Dealing With Biglaw Partner, District Court That Can’t Follow The Rules — See AlsoThis Is What Happens When You Fail To Follow The Eleventh Circuit’s Very Clear Instructions: Warning — it ain’t pretty.

Speaking Of Ugly Things: A student group at U. Chicago Law is turning an immigration debate into some vile race baiting.

Pennsylvania GOP Doesn’t Think The Rules Apply To Them: I mean, there won’t be any consequences for them, but it should still make you angry.

This Law Student Needs To Buy A Lottery Ticket, STAT: The way they cheated death must mean their luck is all good. 

So This Biglaw Merger Seems To Be Working Out: To the tune of $1 billion in revenue.

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Author: Edward Lott

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