Designing a Website for All Users

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Mobile technology has become incredibly common in just the past few years. In fact, the number of mobile tech users has grown exponentially; most mobile tech owners possess more than one device. Smart phones, tablet computers, and even e-readers are popular mobile devices that people use to access the Internet.
Ideally, the websites that these users view are going to be optimized for mobile technology; if a website is not designed with the needs of mobile users in mind, then these users are unable to access the information they wish to find. Though it is now quite standard for new websites to be designed in a manner optimal that is optimal for all users, regardless of what device is used to access the website, sites developed even just a few years ago are not. Mobile websites are best created by a team with lots of experience and that has insight into both design and marketing operations. This is precisely what we can offer.

A New Kind of Internet

Websites have always evolved based on the technology available to the users. This is why early websites had only a few graphics. Today’s websites by comparison are sometimes dominated by images. It is possible for images and portions of text to move around in response to user input. In just seconds, sound and video can begin streaming. Customers now expect websites to be highly responsive and intuitive.
Mobile websites have changed the nature of the Internet all over again. Customers still expect the websites they access to be responsive and easy to use; they also expect that a website will display correctly and provide all the same features regardless of what device they use to access it. This has driven a new wave of design innovation and some detailed evaluation of best practices for user engagement.

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A Website is Part of Marketing

Increasingly, a customer’s first interaction with a business takes place online. Instead of walking into your firm’s offices, prospective clients will visit your website to learn basic information about your organization. Internet access is nearly ubiquitous and can be had 24/7. There is no reason not to have your firm represented by a website. Your site can accomplish many things that would be cost prohibitive or inconvenient to offer through your offices directly. For instance:

  • Your website can provide detailed information about the nature of the legal services your firm provides
  • A blog or article library can be easily housed on your website to enable users to learn more about the legal process and how they can use this process to help them
  • You can introduce the various members of your team by providing profiles and portraits
  • Connect your website to social media accounts that your firm maintains
  • Offer a chat window or assistance hotline through your site
  • Easily provide maps and driving directions to your physical local to help people find you
  • Inform people of their rights and demonstrate how authoritative legal services can assist them

Work With Our Design Team

Websites can offer a wide range of services and they will play a vital role in connecting potential clients with your firm. However, mobile websites only work best when they are designed correctly. Let us optimize your website for all users.
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Designing a Website for All Users
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Designing a Website for All Users
If a website is not designed with the needs of mobile users in mind, then these users are unable to access the information they wish to find.
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BusinessCreator, Inc.
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