Facebook As A Marketing Tool For Attorneys

Facebook has emerged as a marketing tool with limitless potential. If you’re a Law firm looking for a lead generation source, you could benefit immensely from tapping into this social media platform.

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If you’ve never thought of Facebook as more than a social platform, think again… your law firm could get a constant flow of qualified leads through Facebook. Want to find out how? Keep reading.

Most businesses including law firms nowadays have a Facebook page, however, most of them don’t put in the effort to garner the benefits. Here are some tips that can help you expand the reach of your firm, using Facebook.

Do Likes Matter? :  “Likes” on Facebook are nothing but the number of your audience. The more the merrier. The higher the number, the more people you can promote your business with.

But to get likes and have people follow you, an engaging page is required. It’s similar to the quote “as you reap you shall sow”, the more engaging the content on your page the more people will like.

You could also run a paid campaign to get your message in front of people outside of your immediate network.

Posting Frequency: This is an effective way to stay ahead of the clutter on Facebook. The higher the frequency of your posts, the more of you the audience sees.  The best results have been observed from posting twice a day and maintaining a constant stream of posts.

Visual Content: The way the world consumes content is becoming more and more visual. Pictures increase the appeal of your post and leave an impression on your audience.Therefore, incorporating pictures into your posts is highly recommended. Video content is another emerging trend which increases engagement on your FB page.

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Know your audience better with Facebook Insights: Facebook insight is a feature that helps you gain a deeper understanding of your audience. It offers information regarding the most liked posts, the location of your audience, details like the age group and gender of people that follow your Facebook page. This information will help you understand your target audience and make decisions on the type of content that you should be serving.

Keeping the eye on the outcome: It’s a good idea to define the kind of results that you’re looking for from your social campaign. Gaining an organic following, that is without spending money out of your pocket… takes time and effort. If your goal is to have more people visit your website, FB lets you create custom buttons for a specific call to action. You can also promote discounts for first-time clients or a free consultation on your Facebook page.

Measuring the results keeping your goals you set out to accomplish, will give you a better idea on areas where you could improve.

Keeping these in mind will help your law firm get maximum mileage from their Facebook page. Like any other marketing channel, this isn’t a set it and forget it deal. You’ll have to constantly put in the effort to engage your clients, give out useful information, seek feedback and make them want to return to your Facebook page for more.

In time you’ll start seeing the benefits of the diligent effort that you put in.

Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Ed can be reached at (or visit his websites)

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Facebook As A Marketing Tool For Attorneys
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Facebook As A Marketing Tool For Attorneys
If you’re a Law firm looking for a lead generation source, you could benefit immensely from tapping into this social media platform.
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