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Legal Services Financing for Your Clients

Not offering financing options to your clients=LOST BUSINESS



ForLawFirmsOnly Provides Legal Fee Financing Solutions for today’s law firms!

Are you losing clients because they can’t afford your expert legal representation?

Are you losing revenue and are you tired of chasing risky payment plans?

How many more clients could you help if they all paid upfront for the legal representation they deserve?

Does your law firm currently offer risky, in-house payment plans?

With the help of our legal financing options, your law firm can start offering non-recourse consumer financing options to your A, B, C & D credit clients today!

Increased Revenue

How many of your clients would be happier with an affordable monthly payment over having to come up with a large retainer upfront?

Why offer Financing?

With most families not able to afford an emergency expense, how can someone deal with a life event that can’t be planned such as DUI, Divorce or child custody?

Nearly 50% of Americans say they could not cover an emergency expense costing $400. How can someone deal with a life event that cannot be planned such as a DUI, divorce or a child custody battle. Today’s consumers expect the perfect combination of legal services and payment options. By offering legal fee financing, your law firm will now have the flexible, no-recourse financing solutions and help give clients the ability to retain your firm.

Why Choose Us?

Our legal financing team offers law firms litigation financing, plaintiff funding, and a variety of other financing options that will help your clients get approved. We work with vendors that have the largest network of lenders available. This means your clients have the best chance of getting the loan they need for your service.

Just refer your clients to an online loan application and they can be funded within 2-7 business days. There is no recourse to your firm because your firm isn’t involved in the process at all. It is simply a personal loan for your client to help them pay most if not all of your fees.

  • Our vendors are 3rd party funding organizations
  • Your client is funded NOT you
  • No risk or recourse to your firm-Once your client pays you, the lender worries about collecting
  • Flexible payment plans for your client

More Approvals?

Did we mention that our vendors have over 10 lenders on their lending platform and they can fund clients with credit scores down to a 550 with loans up to $50,000.

As an attorney running a business, who wouldn’t rather have a “paid in full client” over a “payment plan” client?

Technology Driven

Our vendors application portals all use the Internet’s strongest data encryption software available to keep your information secure. In most cases your client can be funded in 2-7 business days.

FINALLY – Compliant Client Financing Programs for Attorney’s

We listened to Attorney’s across the country and are finally able to provide this service so that YOU can help more clients!

With our legal financing services, your law firm can now quickly drive growth and reach more clients that would otherwise not be able to afford the representation they deserve. This is the solution attorneys have been looking for.

SO MANY BENEFITS – what’s the catch?

There is no catch! No doubt you have questions, and we are here to help!

Email us.  Better yet, call our Toll Free number 855-943-8736.

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