Gear freaks rejoice: Hand-gesture-controlled drones and robotic printers are here!


DJI Spark

DJI Spark flying drone camera.

Heidi Alexander, deputy director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, and Lincoln Mead, IT director for the Utah State Bar, showed off novel and useful tech gear to a standing-room-only crowd during a Saturday morning session at ABA Techshow.

From a wireless, robot printer to standing desks to lightsaber chopsticks inspired by Star Wars, the presentation covered the gamut from “out of this world” to “cool stuff you’ll want.” Some of the highlights included:

  • ZUtA Labs Robotic Printer: It’s a wireless robot that rolls across paper and prints what it takes in. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and has a battery life of about an hour. It’s currently in production and will cost $150.
  • EasyAcc 20000mAh Portable Charger: Not a novel piece of gear, but a solid piece, nonetheless, according to Mead. He said it has the capacity to charge his laptop and has a built in flashlight for when you lose things at the bottom of your bag. Prices range online from $35-$50.
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap s1300i: A perennial Techshow favorite, this is a small document scanner that is “absolutely bulletproof,” according to Mead. Prices range online from $240-$260.
  • Heidi Alexander

  • UO Smart Beam Laser Projector: This is a two-inch box that projects up to a 150 inch, 720p HD screen. It has a built-in autofocus and speaker. “This thing is amazing,” said Alexander. Prices range online from $269-$349.
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  • DJI Spark: This is a flying drone camera, if you need that. The device activates through face recognition, and it is controlled by hand gestures or a mobile device. It fits in the palm of your hand. Prices vary online depending on model.
  • Eleduino 11.6 inch 1080p FHD Capacitive Touch Portable Monitor: The name is pretty tells you what you need to know on this one. It is a portable touch monitor with 1920 x 1080 native resolution. The touch features are compatible with Android, Linux, Raspian and recent Windows (version 7 and up) operating systems. The company sells this product for $139.
  • Lincoln Mead

  • Kangaroo MD2B Mobile Desktop Computer: This is a full Windows 10 capable machine crammed into a USB stick. This device can turn any screen into a windows machine. Amazon has it for $189.99.
  • Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless Over-the-Ear Headphones: For the audiophiles at Techshow, Mead said he was impressed with these headphones for both its sound and microphone quality. Not noise-cancelling per se, Mead says that the lambskin ear covers block out the world without the need for the extra technology. But that lamb skin and quality comes at a price, you’ll pay about $550 for the pleasure.
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