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Legal Lead Generation Services-Why Us

We just don’t generate leads-we generate cases!

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You are looking for one thing from a lead generation firm–> CASES!

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Have You Heard This Before?

“I can get you leads-Guaranteed”, “We can get you top quality leads by our experts in SEO” or “We have a brilliant marketing team that knows how to build qualifying questions into our lead forms to form a more clear picture of the client you are looking for”?

I know you have heard these lines and many more like these lines-probably every single day.

Are they really selling exclusive leads that are generated just for you? Or are they selling low quality leads that are generated using keyword phrases that have no user intent (we have discovered their secret). Are you chasing the leads?

You need a team experienced in marketing for lawyers that will generate legal leads that will change your life! Delivered to your phone.

Digital Marketing firms who specialize and service the legal industry know three important facts-attorneys are by and large marketing smart; attorneys get inundated with emails promising to help them grow their firm constantly; and almost all lawyers want the same thing-more clients.

So, it comes down to one thing-who do you TRUST. Most of the emails you receive get deleted or get caught in spam. Why? Most come from an individual who is using a gmail, yahoo, aol or some other major ISP account that is not traceable. I delete those myself. There is no transparency. Nothing to trackback to the company itself to see if they are reputable.

Most of those attorney lead generation firms are not in it for the long term, have no real marketing experience and serve multiple industries, with no expertise in marketing for lawyers.

So, why select us for your law firm’s leads?


We have delivered more than 2,000,000 QUALIFIED legal leads in the last two years alone. We have been producing legal leads for over a decade. Our staff are all located in the U.S.-most work out of our Allentown, PA office but we have several that work remotely in Texas, Florida and New York.

Did I mention, our digital marketing team manager worked for Google for 12 years teaching others AdWords Search and Display advertising. He manages a team of pros that utilize AI (artificial intelligence) and real-time programmatic bidding to deliver the best leads for our clients.

Our team offers lawyers many SEO and advertising services. We also focus on voice search, mobile display and keywords that have user intent, those that have a higher chance of converting to a client for you.


We are attorney marketing experts. We have been in business since 1994. We lived through the dot com bombs and tremendous ups and downs of the Internet and the economy and have first-hand experience generating leads in tough times. We are the preferred vendor of a dozen bar associations across the U.S. and for over two dozen large advertising agencies, serving their clients.


Our Rapid Results program has an appointment setting rate of nearly 75%. We have a 98% client retention since starting this lead generation service.  It is the perfect program for family, bankruptcy and business law practices.

Our Verified Lead Generation program utilizes advanced technology and collects and tracks data on 225 Million U.S. Consumers.  We use AI based behavioral intent targeting to generate exclusive MVA leads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  The AI based behavioral targeting puts the ads in front of people that are actively being tracked as doing things online consistent with a claimant, so they are going to physical therapy websites, auto insurance claims pages to file a claim etc.

Our top tier Mass Tort program delivers ready for you clients. Our medical investigator will take your paper work, have it signed and get any additional information that may be pertinent to the case. All plaintiff documents MUST be signed for the lead to be sent to you. We do all the heavy lifting for your firm. You receive a highly qualified client. If the plaintiff does not sign all the documents, the lead is not sent to you. No risk to your firm. Read More Here


Our staff is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable in their respective areas. They bring with them a level of expertise and innovation that allows us to obtain and deliver top quality legal leads. We take a holistic approach to online marketing for lawyers-each campaign includes SEO and advertising services designed to bring you the highest ROI, driving down the cost of client acquisition as the campaign matures.

We use keywords that are focused on voice search (mobile-centric) and user intent. We use cutting edge programmatic and real-time bidding technologies that increase ad exposure and reduce the cost, allowing us to offer better pricing on our legal leads.


The number one question we get, even before “how much” is “are your leads exclusive?” Yes. Enough said.


All our leads are exclusive to one law firm. We can deliver leads for most legal practice areas including most of the current Mass Tort cases.

Looking For Ready To Litigate Mass Tort clients? Read More Here

PARTNERSHIPS: With decades of experience, a senior staff with over 150 combined years of digital marketing experience, comes earned relationships with some of the biggest partners in the lead generation and digital marketing industry. Members of our staff and firm have earned the right to these partnerships. They reflect years of knowledge and training which translates into a team that brings you the best possible leads to help you grow your law firm.

Google Partner Trusted Member Leads Council LeadiD
Bing Ads Partner LMA Legal Marketing Association  |



Always an important question. But let’s figure out what the real cost of acquiring a new client.

It’s no secret that the paid search environment for attorneys is incredibly competitive. With more and more law firms realizing the importance of an online presence, many are turning to both PPC and SEO strategies to further their firm’s brand while engaging more prospects.

What does this mean for law firms?

This simply means that law firms need a definite strategy in place. While it’s not exactly a surprise that legal services often result in the highest CPCs on the web, it is important to note that both the terms ‘lawyer’ and ‘attorney’ are included in the top 10 most expensive keywords both on Google and Bing. In fact, Google lists keywords for the legal industry as the fourth most expensive keywords. CPCs in the legal industry are typically 40% more costly than the next most expensive industry, “credit”.

We deliver quality, high value clients to your firm for a lower cost of acquisition than your PPC and SEO monthly fees!

We have been here for a long time and plan on being here for a lot longer. We continue to innovate. We are about bringing technology to our company to help you grow your firm.

Running a law firm is hard enough. Your time should be spent servicing your clients, earning money. Let our team of lead generation experts fill your calendar with paying clients. Let us remove your worry about where your next client is coming from-give us a try for quality lead generation.

There is a lot of competition in the legal market. Rely on an experienced lawyer marketing team that can deliver. Just ask our clients!

Tired of waiting for your next client? When you have tried ideas to increase your business only to say “this isn’t working”, we are here to help.

Our programs have been successful in helping find leads and generate more business.

Take a minute and find out about our new lead generation program.

Even if you have tried doing lead generation before, don’t miss out on programs that really work.

Zero Risk Mass Tort Signed Cases

Zero Risk MVA Signed Cases

Zero Risk Personal Injury Signed Cases

Rapid Results Lead Generation Program

Verified Personal Injury Leads

Get started before your competitors do…there a limit to how many clients we can onboard.

Contact us for a quote. We will do the research to determine what it will take to win your market.

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