Personal Injury Law Firm Intake Conversion Experts

Personal Injury Law Firm Intake Conversion Experts

Why Your Law Firm Should Outsource INTAKE To Our
Intake Conversion Experts!

Retention Requires More Than Just a Response

We understand the importance of intake, lead conversion and just how competitive our legal marketplace has become.

We Understand Intake

It is no longer okay to simply take a message and call a potential client back. Nor is it okay to wait a few hours to call a potential client back after they submit a web lead or to require a claimant to find his/her own transportation to visit your office to retain your law firm’s services. The marketplace has changed. The marketplace has become more competitive. As a result, the marketplace is applying more pressure on the front end of your business. In order to ensure that you are maximizing your retention percentage, your law firm’s ability to handle intake and conversion needs to adapt to those changes.

Our law firm intake conversion experts are the revolutionary solution required for that adapting. We are an extension to your law firm. When a potential client calls your law firm and we answer the call, they will receive the highest quality intake experience. We have exceptionally (and attorney) trained law firm client intake and conversion representatives. We apply tested and proven best practices. And we use software that was created for one purpose – Intake. In short, we have everything you need to ensure that your qualified leads are placed in the best position for retention.

Experts in Legal Intake and Lead Conversion

We are industry leading law firm client intake conversion experts focused on one thing: Retention. What good is an answering service if you then need to turn around and spend countless days trying to get the potential client back on the phone? How many law firms do you think that claimant may have contacted in the time between when they spoke to your current answering service and you? We will not only answer the phone, but we will qualify claimants, based upon your criteria, and retain them, using your retainer.

Our Technology

We are powered by industry leading technology.  Our technology takes human error out of the equation.  When a new call comes in it is automatically assigned to your firm and your case type specific questions and retention criteria are presented.  If the claimant qualifies, we employ our best practices retention methodology to produce epic results.


We understand and appreciate the value of a lead. To ensure transparency, you have access to everything we are doing on your behalf. Specifically, we will email frequent reports to your law office, providing specific details about each lead that we handle on your behalf.

Did you know that …

  • More than 40% of qualified leads are lost by law firms who seek to become retained?
  • More than 75% of claimants contact at least two law firms before making a decision?
  • Most law firms stop following up with new leads (not yet qualified) after just 3 attempts?
  • Most law firms stop following up with qualified leads after just 5 attempts?
  • Most law firms wait until the next morning to follow up with leads that were generated during the nights or weekends?
  • Most law firms are not utilizing electronic signature for retention?

To say that we are revolutionizing the industry would be an understatement. The best part? We do not seek to share in the attorney’s fee.

  • Have obtained an average conversion percentage of 80 percent for our law firm clients.
  • Handle the complete intake process for inbound marketing campaigns.
  • Seek to retain older leads that you previously quit following up with.
  • Utilize electronic signatures to acquire signed retainers … on the first call.
  • Use intake-focused software for our intake specialists.
  • Provide daily progress reports detailing the status of your campaigns.
  • Only get paid if we are successful in acquiring a signed retainer from a qualified claimant.
  • Handle mass tort, general negligence, employment, environmental and class action leads.

Our Intake Services

Outsource Your Intake

Outsource Your Intake

We can be an extension of your intake department or we take over the entire intake operation for your law firm, from phone answering to getting signed retainer agreements. Below is a listing of the services we offer. We can do it all or you can pick which services you need from the options below.

Mass Torts Client Retention Campaign

Mass Torts Client Retention Campaign

Are you interested in running a Mass Torts marketing campaign, but don’t have the infrastructure or staff to handle the volume?  Let our law firm client intake conversion experts answer the calls, qualify the claimants and retain the client’s for you. Provide us your criteria for each of your case types and your retainer agreements and we will handle the sign up for you. We will utilize eSign and mail out packages and even handle the follow up needed to get the clients retained.

Instant and Aggressive Follow Ups

Instantaneous and Aggressive Lead Follow Up

Calling leads immediately when they are received is critical to your success. It is not realistic to expect all firms to be able to do this. We have the resources to do this for you. We will call your leads as soon as you receive them which will increase your conversion rate exponentially.

Resurrection of Leads

Resurrection of Leads

Have you given up on leads?  Let us pursue them for you.

We focus on two specific intake responsibilities :

  • Inbound response, qualification, follow-up, and retention of TV and/or web marketing campaigns
  • Outbound stale and active lead follow up and retention

Simply put, we are an outsourced intake department where our legal intake specialists represent your law firm in our communication with your claimants.

Email Us To Learn More Or To Sign Up For Our Intake Conversion Program

or better yet, call us Toll Free at 1-855-943-8736 and speak with one of our  Legal Intake Specialists.

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