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Do you want to rank higher on Google without wasting huge amounts of money on Google Ads?

For WordPress users, our SEO plugin will automate all that for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best: running your law firm and getting leads through your website.

ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc. SEO Content and Landing Page Generator Plugin

  • Google loves fresh content
  • Every time page is shown new content and images show up
  • Random dynamic content
  • Create multiple blocks of content and watch them show up randomly
  • Random keywords
  • Set up multiple keywords to display in different areas on the page and watch them change randomly Random Images
  • Add as many images as you want, they will show up differently each time you refresh the page Random City, State and Zip throughout content for even more targeting
  • Create unlimited Landing Pages from 1 Template page with no duplicate content
  • Setup 1 landing page and create up to 50K landing pages by county / city
  • Schema Markup
  • Inner page link building done for you
  • Dynamic XML and HTML sitemaps created for you

Expected Results

  • Higher organic rankings faster and exponentially more pages ranking
  • Smaller cities are the low hanging fruit to capture leads
  • Larger Metropolitan cities will take longer to rank
  • Google recognizes new content every time city landing pages is refreshed or shown in organic search results – thus making your pages more relevant than your competitors

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