How a Legal Intake Service Can Reduce Your Staffing Needs

With a receptionist in charge of the front desk at your law firm, you can ensure all client correspondence and scheduling is managed to your expectations. They can act as a primary point of contact for your clients and handle your administrative tasks. In addition to your receptionist, you undoubtedly need intake specialists who can devote their full attention to helping prospective clients get started in resolving their legal issues.

Having to hire and train a full team of professionals to support your law firm can prove very costly, however. You can save money, increase efficiency and boost your revenue growth by hiring an outsourced legal intake team instead. Outsourcing your receptionist and client intake services to a highly-trained team can even boost your company success in ways that onsite support teams cannot. Use this guide to explore these benefits in detail.

Comprehensive Intake Services

In most cases, the bulk of a receptionist’s job consists of answering and forwarding incoming calls as needed. A legal intake service takes it a step further by providing a range of other services and features to help you better capture and convert leads. At Alert, for example, we also offer contract services, outbound calling, smart lead tracking, reporting and much more. By outsourcing your calls to a legal intake team, you can improve your ability to promptly and effectively serve your clients, likely resulting in an increase to yearly revenues for your law firm.

Overflow Support

When you run lead generation campaigns that result in a high volume of calls and web inquires, you need more than just a receptionist and a couple of dedicated intake specialists to serve your clients. Otherwise, you could lose leads, resulting in prospective legal clients continuing to call around until they sign with a competitor.

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Outsourced legal intake teams can ensure every call coming your way receives a prompt, live response from a skilled professional. They use streamlined intake practices to quickly screen and qualify new clients. Your prospective clients will receive information about your firm and practices that instills confidence and relieves their worries about their looming legal troubles. When clients feel secure that your firm can help them resolve their legal troubles, they are more likely to stop shopping around and go with your team.

Around-the-Clock Coverage

Receptionists and your other legal professionals can only take calls and respond to client correspondence during your office hours. Once everyone leaves for the day, clients are only able to leave a voicemail and hope for a return call the next day. This leaves them continuing to look around for a skilled legal representative to take their case.

Legal intake teams that handle outsourced calls do not just operate during regular business hours. They go above and beyond by handling calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. These professionals remain on staff through every weekend and on holidays to give your prospective clients the support they need when they need it.

Specialized Intake Training

If you only have a receptionist handling your client intake services, they will likely lose many opportunities to nurture and convert leads due to a lack of training. Even with dedicated intake specialists on staff, you have to take the time to fully train them, which can cut into your ability to reach your revenue goals.

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You can jump straight to expertly handling your clients’ needs by simply outsourcing your legal intake. Your outsourced legal intake team likely receives extensive training well before stepping up to support your company. When not serving the needs of your clients, they also receive ongoing training to keep them up-to-date on the best practices in the industry. Intake specialists at Alert undergo a rigorous training process to prepare them to answer incoming inquiries and perform intakes for law firms.

Reducing Your Staffing Needs with Legal Intake Services

By offering all these excellent benefits, legal intake service teams can reduce the need to hire and train full-time receptionists and intake professionals. These highly-trained professionals will provide adequate support for all your marketing campaigns, big and small, to optimize your lead capture and conversion rates. To get started, learn more about Alert Communications and our legal intake services.

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