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How To Market Your Law Firm Online

How To Market Your Law Firm Online

The Internet is an effective medium for marketing of various business. Most enterprises including law professionals aren’t fully aware of the potential of the internet. Yet clients are always on the lookout for legal services online. And your legal enterprise needs to remain aware of the tremendous potential of the internet as a great marketing tool.
Marketing Your Law Firm Online
If you are looking to increase your client base and create a brand using the power of the internet, here are a few tips:

Online Marketing of Legal Services

While there are numerous avenues to market your firm online, it makes sense to set your goals before jumping in.
Online Presence: It is important to have a presence online. However, simply having a website isn’t going to help. A well designed and user friendly website is just the basics. A DIY approach isn’t a bad idea, though there is a bit of learning curve. Outsourcing the task to an external agency will save you time and let you concentrate on what you do best.
You need to make sure you’re on the same page when you explain your requirements to an agency, because your vision needs to show up on your website.
Content: ‘Content is king,’ is a famous saying among the experts of web marketing. You can definitely capitalize on a content strategy to showcase your expertise as well as promote your legal service through a blog.
A blog that contains relevant and interesting content will go a long way in fulfilling your objective. It’s important to keep the content regularly updated with news, latest happenings and  any recognition that your firm has recently won.
Article on trending topics tends to bring in a lot of traffic which a well-written article can capture
 Web Directory: Web directories are like yellow pages of the internet. These directories have a significant amount of reach and can get your law firm quite a few number of leads. It’s a good tool to list your services in.
There are both paid and free services, and the paid services are justifiably better. Some of the top paid legal directory listings are Findlaw, Avvo, Justia, and Nolo.
Marketplace: If you’re just starting out or you want to find more clients without investing too much money or time, a marketplace could be a great tool.  Utilizing a marketplace will not only help you to sell your services but you have the added advantage of creating a good reputation and driving business to your firm outside of the marketplace.
LawKick, UpCounsel, Priori are a few well known marketplaces. There’s a lot of upside to signing up with one, and not much to lose.
A word of caution though! These marketplaces are highly competitive so you’ll have to look at it as a way to build your portfolio rather than a way to earn profits.
E-mail Marketing: Email marketing is still a relevant part of digital marketing, and one that has a pretty high conversion rate, when done right.
The prerequisite is having a website. When you start offering your visitors useful content/advice and build a list of potential customers in exchange that’s a custom-made market just for you.
Social Media: Nowadays, everyone you know is most probably on social media.  You’d do well  by using this platform to reach out  your target market. Posts with interesting anecdotes , stats,  and facts that answer the most common questions are likely to garner a lot of followers.
A well thought out strategy to help your prospective customers is a sure way to make your page popular and your posts go viral.
SEO: If you don’t enjoy getting technical or squirm at the mention of backlinks, keywords, CSS and Javascript it’s a good idea to leave SEO to professionals. There’s a ton of information already available on sites like, Searchengineland and Quicksprout to get you started, if you would like to do it yourself.
Although you’ll do just fine with authoritative content that stands out and creates key takeaways for your readers.
Online Advertising: Using online advertising to get traffic to your website is another effective digital marketing strategy. Search engines like Google and Bing let you advertise your legal services on their platform. When people in your target location look for certain keywords linked to the services you’re offering, your ad shows up at the top or bottom of the page. It depends on the amount you’ve bid.
We hope you take advantage of the tips we have shared here to build your online presence. If you diligently apply these over a period of time you’ll be able to create multiple sources of bringing in qualified leads.
Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Ed can be reached at (or visit his websites)

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How To Market Your Law Firm Online
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How To Market Your Law Firm Online
If you are looking to increase your client base and create a brand using the power of the internet, we offer a few tips.
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