If lawyers made candy hearts, what would yours say?

If lawyers made candy hearts, what would yours say?

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Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a box of conversation hearts. If you’re a fan of the sweet treats, your heart might break over this recent news: The New England Confectionery Co., the makers of the iconic Sweethearts candies, went out of business last summer, according to CNBC. While the Spangler Candy Co. swooped in to buy the brand in September, Sweethearts won’t make it back onto shelves until Valentine’s Day in 2020.
Recognizing a potential gap in the market and a possible lost love from the candy, we at the ABA Journal decided to design our own conversation hearts this Valentine’s Day—but with a legal twist. Now it’s your turn to make the law sound romantic.
This week, we’d like to ask: If lawyers made candy hearts, what would yours say? How do you say “I love you” in legalese?
Answer in the comments and on social media. You can answer via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
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Featured answer:
Posted by Dawn Deans: “It depends. Online classes are as effective as the people who are taking them want them to be. I have a master’s degree which was obtained completely online. I also have a JD which included 1 online class. In both cases, there were people who put in the time and effort to learn the material and there were those who put in just enough effort to pass the class and check off the boxes. I suppose that difference is what causes the hesitancy. If the final exams are thorough enough, those who are merely checking off the boxes will be weeded out. Unfortunately if they are not thorough, the true law school final, i.e. the bar exam will be a glaring testimony to the school who used them ineffectively.”
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