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It’s The Weekend So This MAGA Stuff Will Stop For… Oh Christ, The Pats Are About To Win The Superbowl, Aren’t They? — See Also

It’s The Weekend So This MAGA Stuff Will Stop For… Oh Christ, The Pats Are About To Win The Superbowl, Aren’t They? — See Also

DEVIN NUNES Y’ALL: Somehow, this is the most famous objection to a warrant in America right now.

IF YOU DONATE A CHAIR, THEY SHOULD AT LEAST PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: I’d do it. The “Elie Mystal Chair at Harvard Law School.” No, I don’t mean an endowed faculty position. I mean, like, just some random chair in the library or something.

THE RECKONING IS COMING FOR BIGLAW: This story about sexual harassment at a European Biglaw office could be the shape of things to come.

THE SUPREME COURT MIGHT BE ABOUT TO LEGALIZE SPORTS BETTING: If so, the leagues are trying to get a piece of the cut.

YOU MUST SEE THIS ACTIVELY RACIST PROGRAM BEING PUT ON AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO LAW SCHOOL: The Edmund Burke Society has found a whole new gear of disgusting to charge into their immigration debate.

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