Just Going To Use This As Another Excuse To Put Up A Katy Perry Pic — See Also

- Just Going To Use This As Another Excuse To Put Up A Katy Perry Pic — See Also

FULL DISCLOSURE, I LIKE KATY PERRY: I like her music, I like her politics, I like her sharks, I like how she handles nuns.

THIS LAW SCHOOL WANTS TO BUY OUT FACULTY AND USE THE SAVINGS TO RECRUIT BETTER STUDENTS: Which is pretty much saying that they think students are marks and the school just needs to do a better job with the “bait” part of its “bait and switch” campaign.

BETSY DEVOS IS MAYBE DOING THIS ONE THING RIGHT: It feels weird to praise DeVos after that train-wreck of a 60 Minutes interview last night, but maybe she’s not screwing up this one thing.

THIS TAX LAW KEEPS CLAIMING VICTIMS: The new law, that Republicans are still somehow proud of, taxes a client’s entire recovery, without making exception for attorneys fees.

THE LEGAL INDUSTRY LOST MORE JOBS: Not that anybody cares about good American legal jobs. Because lawyers don’t smelt coal out of the barn or harpoon oil down from the tree or do whatever the hell low-skilled 19th century job that makes it okay to vote for a bigot. #MAGA.

Elie Mystal is the Executive Editor of Above the Law and the Legal Editor for More Perfect. He can be reached @ElieNYC on Twitter, or at elie@abovethelaw.com. He will resist.

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