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Law Firm and Law Firm Client Funding Programs

Law Firm and Law Firm Client Funding Programs

1. Law firm client financing programs


Do any of these challenges ring a bell for your law firm?

  • Do you need to convert more browsers to clients?
  • Do clients want to retain your services but don’t have the means to pay?
  • Is in-house financing burdensome and making your law firm an accounting nightmare?
  • How many clients would you have if there was a service that would fund your retainer?

Our 3rd party consumer financing platform is your answer. With a deep understanding of consumer financing for a broad scope of credit profiles our ‘Nationwide Retainer Financing Program’ is compliant and effect.

Here’s why:

  • We are a 3rd party funding organization
  • We fund the consumer NOT you
  • You only pay for a marketing conversion fee for each consumer funded
  • No risk or recourse to your firm
  • Be up and running in 48 hours
  • No upfront or set up fee’s

Our programs are designed specifically for attorneys. We grant loan amounts from $2,500 to $35,000 with NO recourse to your firm and is designed to comply with strict Bar Association rules. These personal loans fund the client, which take your firm out of the equation.
With a flat rate, predictable marketing cost per loan, you know what the cost is upfront for every loan regardless of the amount funded. Often this flat fee is less than it cost your firm to process the client’s credit cards. Many clients in need of your service would not have enough credit on their credit card to pay your retainer fee. Our program can fund clients down to low 500 credit scores, allowing even clients with poor credit access to the legal representation they deserve. Approval is done within one minute using an exclusive online portal. It allows you to turn your every call into a new client more often and in many cases fully fund your client at the beginning of the case. This will build your law firm’s reputation and allows you to stand stronger in representing your clients. It is a win-win for all involved.

2. Advanced Fee Funding

We offer advance fee funding based on pending attorney’s fees and client settlement advances in settled cases and cases with money judgments on appeal. This program offers substantial non-recourse “fee acceleration” funding advances to attorneys and law firms based on their pending fees in settle cases, favorable verdicts, judgments for money damages, and judgments or jury awards currently on appeal.
Because of our teams expertise in valuing contingency fee cases and fee revenues, our advance fee funding programs can lend significantly higher amounts of immediate working capital based upon anticipated fees than traditional lenders have ever been able– or willing– to offer.

3. Our Tailored Loans vs. a bank line of credit

Attorneys are all too aware that banks do not understand or even recognize the value of future contingency fees as collateral. Banks cannot and will not make law firm loans or attorney lines of credit based solely on the value of pending case inventory.
Instead, banks invariably require sterling credit, liquid assets, and significant home equity, and rely almost exclusively on the personal credit of the partners and the value of their personal assets, and a great deal of paperwork. Even when banks do grant law firm lines of credit, they usually approve only a limited amount that is inadequate to support firm objectives. As a result, partners often must contribute funds, pledge personal assets, tie up personal credit–and shoulder the risk.
Also, unlike many lenders, we are not dependent on banks for funding. Our financial resources are backed by private investor groups and a publicly held corporation. Our resources are stable and substantial and have increased despite the recession. Our financial partners require very little paperwork. They have large amounts of capital on hand for fast approval of client financing, law firm business loans, law firm lines of credit, and law firm funding advances.
For more information, contact my office and speak with one of my financial wizards at 855-943-8736 or email us at
Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.
BusinessCreator, Inc.
Ed can be reached at (or visit his websites)
855-943-8736 ext. 101

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Law Firm and Client Advance Fee Funding
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Law Firm and Client Advance Fee Funding
Our financial partners have capital for fast approval of client financing, law firm business loans, law firm lines of credit, and law firm funding advances.
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BusinessCreator, Inc.
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