How Law Firms Can Get Good Client Reviews

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Reviews are not always necessarily good and you can’t control a client’s review. However, these reviews will be checked by potential clients. Studies have indicated that customers pay more attention to online reviews as compared to personal recommendations. It is a common practice for customers to read online reviews when they search for an attorney.
You should have the professionalism to handle negative comments. Research shows that clients are three times more likely to leave a negative comment than a positive one. It is hard to avoid negative comments but it is possible to maintain a balance. You can balance out a number of negative comments by receiving as many positive comments as possible. Negative comments and criticism are part of the system and you can’t ignore the system. However, we can put in efforts to increase the number of positive comments.

Four Tips to Generate Positive Reviews

Following are a few tips that can be used to generate positive reviews from your clients.

Ask for Reviews

Most clients are happy to leave reviews; especially if their experience with you has been a good one. However, it is a good thing to request a review. This makes the clients know that their suggestions and thinking matters to you. An appreciation of the customer’s thinking leaves them with a good feeling and raised self-esteem. If you have not started taking reviews already, then it is recommended to contact old and satisfied customers to leave a review.

Improve Client Experience

It is impossible to gain positive reviews if your service is not worth them. Remember your own positive experiences and try to incorporate them into your business.

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Design a Review Process

Clients spend a good amount of time with an attorney which gives them ample moments to create opportunities for positive reviews. These moments can include winning a case or saving your client from litigation. You can also use tools to make it easier for clients to leave reviews. You can email your client a link through which they can post a review on Google or use a reputation marketing platform like the one we can provide to automate the process.

Use Reviews for Several Purposes

You can use a single good review on many platforms. Besides your website, you can share them in a newsletter or social media where a large number of people can be expected to come across them. You can also request the reviewer to post their reviews on Google so that they show up in the search results.
A law firm is a service oriented business and a good word of mouth can give the firm a beneficial boost. Reputation is important and a valuable asset for law firms. You might have a good reputation in general but online reputation is also significant. Don’t ignore the advantages of a good online reputation.
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How Law Firms Can Get Good Client Reviews
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How Law Firms Can Get Good Client Reviews
It is a common practice for customers to read online reviews when they search for an attorney. How does your law firm score?
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