LinkedIn Guidelines For Lawyers

LinkedIn Guidelines For Lawyers

As a law firm, there are a number of avenues which can help your firm build credibility online. From starting your own blog to answering questions on lawyer help forums. A platform that many businesses don’t seem to tap into is LinkedIn and we’re going to talk about it today.
Most people mistake LinkedIn as a job search platform or a social network of sorts. But, what you might not know is that there are businesses which use this platform as a recurring source of qualified leads.
Studies have shown in the past that LinkedIn is a very effective lead generator. Here’s how you can generate leads for your law firm using LinkedIn:

1)      Create a LinkedIn Company Page

There are currently a few million company pages on LinkedIn. Create a business page for your company with content that showcases your expertise. Things you should include on it are:

  • Company Description – including the brand, services you provide, your achievements and affiliations.
  • Names of Clients, especially big ones.
  • Client Testimonials that will create social proof.
  • Images, infographics, videos
  • Regular posts with keyword-rich content

2)      Interact with the LinkedIn community

The more content you create and share to help, intrigue and inspire, the better it is for you. LinkedIn is a repository of professionals, executives, and prospective clients. Engaging them would mean you’re nurturing your network. Focus on the value you can provide, as that’s the sole driver of great content marketing.
Word about your authority spreads really quick on a platform like LinkedIn and you could find yourself getting referrals or being introduced to a prospect before you know it. Especially if you’re connected with well-networked people or influencers.
You don’t need to create all content from scratch. You can share appropriate industry updates, questions that’ll engage your followers in a conversation. Community participation on relevant topics by your firm or you also helps. Links to white papers, webinars, case studies etc. leading back to your website are also appropriate for gaining following.

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3)      LinkedIn Groups

Join active LinkedIn groups with a substantial following in your area of expertise. Be a useful contributor to the discussion and also make a habit of sharing ideas/news and being helpful.

Some do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind:

  • Don’t make every interaction about marketing your legal services.
  • Short and timely comments are better than long but occasional ones.
  • Any value that you can provide as a knowledge expert in your field or any resources you share will position you as helpful and the go-to person.

4)      Local SEO

Most legal businesses have a certain geographic area of operation and cater to the local market. This makes local search engine optimization important.
On your LinkedIn profile and posts include local keywords and links – like local community events, local client testimonials. A public LinkedIn profile also ensures visibility in search engines.

5)      LinkedIn Leadgen forms

You can also share sponsored content like a research study report you funded. LinkedIn has launched Leadgen Forms on smartphones, which effortlessly pulls data from prospective leads’ LinkedIn profile. Make these forms a part of your content.
With these forms and with LinkedIn’s accurate profile data you can collect quality leads that are sure to give you a higher conversion rate.
LinkedIn’s networking platform is used by a variety of people from executives of Fortune 500 companies, business owners to everyday people. There are unlimited opportunities that can emerge out of LinkedIn. Using the techniques mentioned above will help you create credibility and use this platform as a source of great leads.
Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Ed can be reached at (or visit his websites)

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LinkedIn Guidelines For Lawyers
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LinkedIn Guidelines For Lawyers
Studies have shown in the past that LinkedIn is a very effective lead generator. Read how you can generate leads for your law firm using LinkedIn.
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