Local Search Marketing For Law Firms-Google Maps Ranking

Local Search Marketing Essentials, Content Marketing, and Link Building = Page 1 Google Ranking Quickly That Sticks

Our Local Search Marketing Plus (LSMP) service is designed specifically for law firms looking to dominate the local search results on Google and Bing.

We include our Google Maps/Google 3-Pack Domination Service with every Local Search Ranking Plus program.  The service is designed for law firms to rank in the Google local pack/Google maps and dominate the Google organic rankings.


Local Search Ranking Plus combines powerful SEO Content Marketing and Link Building in a way that builds your ranking on Google rapidly, ranked in Google Maps 3-Pack and keeps you ranked AND all the features of our QuickStart Digital Marketing Package (reputation marketing, social monitoring, citation listing management and building),  in a done for you service.

Our content is all original. Most other law firm marketing specialists use the write once use for everyone approach.

Good for them.

Bad for Google and Bad for your law firm.

It is called duplicate content. Google only credits content to one author. Our content is written by expert legal writers.

Our team of legal writers have years of experience. Some are retired attorneys. It is the only thing that they do-write compelling, informative content for our attorney clients.

Local Search Marketing Plus is a service that provides both on-site and off-site SEO.

All our Local Search Marketing Services include the following features essential for ranking in Google local search 3-pack and Google Maps ranking:

  • Google Maps-Google 3 Pack Domination
  • Reputation marketing and monitoring platform-help build a 5-Star Reputation
  • Social Monitoring
  • Citation listing management and repair incorrect listings
  • Citation building-includes specific and important attorney directories
  • Google My Business/Google Maps claimed and optimized
  • Google My Maps creation, optimization and marketing in our dedicated high authority attorney Google account
  • AND, if you supply the video, we will optimize your video and upload it to our high authority attorney YouTube channel, embed your video in  your Google My Business/Maps accounts and in your Google My Maps listings, and include video marketing to push your video and My Maps listings up the Google organic ranking ($500 per month value)

We’ve taken an algorithmic approach to keeping pace with Google.


Our Objectives

  • Optimize local (and national) keywords for the top search engines and Google mobile results.
  • Organic search results dominance.
  • Google 3-Pack and Google Maps Ranking
  • Manage and expedite the hard part of building authority online (a necessity for top Google search ranking).

Local Search Marketing Plus Features

  • Improvement and tracking on keywords.
  • Full transparency of work with no hidden fees!
  • Industry related inbound authority.
  • Targeted keyword landing pages.
  • Unique keyword relevant content.


  • Track your Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engine positions as they progress with a weekly snapshot.
  • See each business that links in to your domain.
  • You decide how other business owners reference your company.


What is the benefit to my business?

  • Quick setup for a long term strategy
  • Domination of Google search results
  • More lead inquiries
  • Cost effective improvements
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reduce or eliminate your Pay Per Click expenses
  • No long term contracts-month to month

We are confident that our network provides the fastest and easiest method of naturally improving web presence both on and off-site. Being positioned at the top of the organic search results is going to provide more targeted qualified leads that are more likely to become repeat customers in the long term than any other form of advertising.

Key Program Focus:

● Relevant Content – We generate vital missing content pages and integrate them into the site. Relevant keyword related content will be added to an optimized article section. The new pages are tagged and coded with the corresponding targeted keywords.
● High Quality Interlinking – Inbound linking becomes vastly more effective when we have some great content to point to. Once we get the writing and implementation squared away for each of the targeted keywords, Google will index a link in and a landing page that echoes all of the information embedded in the link. The links will be from industry related businesses making the backlink profile more relevant and authoritative.
● Link Monitoring – We audit correctly optimized architecture and content from both the link sender and link receiver to ensure quality. Our system will then actively monitor the inbound links so they can be quickly replaced if they go down for any reason.

Search Engine Optimization is all about presenting a website in the best possible light. Our service directly improves the main online asset, your website. We have honed in on relevancy of content and links.

Content helps our clients become more relevant for their important phrases and related words.

Links identify them as a go-to authority in their field.

  1. Transparency in both deliverables and reporting
  2. Inbound links coming from businesses just like yours
  3. Turn-key ease of use with no further requirements to manage
  4. New content rich pages improve the optimized architecture and keyword relevancy
  5. Non-intrusive and will not change the look and feel of a website


When Will I See Results?

As with any SEO program, this depends on several factors. Faster results can be achieved by selecting region specific keywords. Typically, we will produce movement in the first 30 days and most clients will see first page results in 60-120 days from the start date. With that said, many customers have seen first page results in the first 30 days while others have only had to wait sometimes years for first page rankings for extremely competitive keywords.

Case Studies

Baseline Ranking Report-07-12-2017


SEO Ranking Report 07-26-2017


SEO-One-Month-Report 3
SEO Ranking Report 08-12-2017


Ranking Report 4
SEO Ranking Report 09-07-201

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