PPC – Retargeting For Attorneys

Pay Per Click Advertising and Ad Retargeting for Attorneys and Law Firms

Generate inbound calls, texts and form fills. Includes proof of performance, call tracking, and advanced ROI reporting.

It’s more than just impressions & clicks—it’s real clients

PPC Management for Law Firms

Let’s face it, law firms don’t want impressions and clicks—they want phone calls and ROI. With our Digital Advertising program, you will receive a monthly report of real-world conversions focused on phone calls from new clients. By combining that with cutting-edge search, social, and display advertising technologies, you get the perfect recipe for improving your retention and revenue. To top it all off, everything is managed by our Digital Agency.

One of the most powerful ways for law firms to generate business online is through PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising on Google. With over 15 years of experience helping law firms generate leads through their online marketing, you’re in great hands with ForLawFirmsOnly.

Our Google Adwords certified PPC experts will tailor a strategy to meet your campaign goals and objectives based on your budget.  We use highly sophisticated programmatic, AI, software that continuing monitors and adjusts bidding and placement, allowing us to maximize your ROI.

 Is a PPC campaign right for your law firm?

One of the great advantages of running PPC ads on Google, Bing or Yahoo is it allows for virtually instant 1st page visibility on the search engines. An intelligently run PPC campaign may be the right choice for your firm if you don’t have the time or budget to wait for an organic SEO campaign. The SEO process can take time depending on a variety of variables including where your site is currently ranking, how competitive your market is and what the level of trust the search engines have with your current website. In addition, with Google’s change of removing the right side ads and adding an additional ad up top in 2016, it makes more sense than ever to be running a PPC campaign.

The number 1 paid position on Google received more clicks than anything else on the first page of results, including Google locals and the the number one organic search result.

If you’ve tried PPC in the past and it didn’t work, that doesn’t mean you should give up on paid search. In most cases this was due to poor campaign management or poorly designed landing pages that did not convert well.

  • Our team of Google AdWords experts.  Our PPC campaign managers have passed Google’s rigorous, industry-standard certification exams. You can rest assured that you’re relying on experts who fully understand PPC and the needs of law firms.
  • Our team is lead by a former Google AdWords employee (12  years training the fundamental and advanced skills of AdWords to digital marketing agencies nationwide).
  • Our design and marketing teams develop high quality score and converting display ads and landing pages.

- PPC – Retargeting For Attorneys

We use a mixture of Machine Learning and Human Actions on your Google Adwords Campaigns to maximize your ROI.

Benefits of Our Artificial Intelligence Platform:

  • Automated Budget Optimization
  • Ongoing Quality Score Improvements
  • Suggestions to Add New keywords & negatives
  • Smart budget allocation for optimal performance
  • Real time adjustments to trends & opportunities

We have the right people, best AI and planned approach to ensure your paid search activity is at the forefront of digital innovation.Our perfect blend of technology and talent enables us to provide you with maximum Return on Investments.Everything we do is designed to help you achieve Better Results within your Marketing Budget.

- PPC – Retargeting For Attorneys

  • Superior awareness & exposure: ForLawFirmsOnly uses the most advanced data-driven advertising technologies to promote your law firm to the right prospects at the right time, including competitor’s customers, nearby consumers, recent website visitors, past customers, and more.
  • Proven ROI: Our monthly reports don’t just show that you’ve increased your  impressions and clicks—these reports also show that we have  generated more results that matter: phone calls. You will know that you have received a positive return on investment.
  • Managed services: ForLawFirmsOnly experienced Digital Agency professionals will do all the heavy lifting for you, from setting up targeting and creating geo-fenced conversion zones to providing you with monthly proof-of-performance reports.
  • Key partnerships: With long-standing relationships with ad partners like Google and Facebook, ForLawFirmsOnly will always be on the cutting-edge of digital advertising technology.

We take advantage of the following technologies:

  • geo-fencing
  • geo-conversion zones
  • IDFA (unique device IDs)
  • phone-call keyword monitoring
  • in-app display advertising networks
  • Facebook
  • Google AdWords
  • programmatic bidding
  • landing page analytics
  • conversion-optimized landing pages
  • tracking pixels
  • retargeting
  • dashboard KPI reporting

Your ads will be displayed on the following platforms:

  • Search advertising via Google AdWords—the ads that appear at the very top of Google search results.
  • Social advertising via Facebook—the ads that appear in the Facebook News Feed.
  • Display advertising—the banner ads on websites around the web and in mobile apps.

What is Website Retargeting? Bring Visitors Back! Website retargeting is a strategy that can be used within a smart PPC campaign in order to bring previous visitors back to a website. To achieve this, you will store cookies on the computer of your visitors and will then be able to identify previous visitors and advertise to them again. This way you can reach out to those customers and visitors who showed an interest but didn’t quite convert. This strategy has been shown to be highly effective.- PPC – Retargeting For Attorneys

- PPC – Retargeting For AttorneysWhat Makes Great PPC?A great PPC campaign utilize strategies like retargeting and others such as negative keywords in order to ensure that you are reaching the most highly targeted and receptive audience possible. At the same time, it uses smart ad design which ensures that the only people who click on your adverts are the people who will be interested in your law firm.We’ll manage everything for you! Our experienced Ad professionals will do all the heavy lifting for you, from setting up targeting and creating geo-fenced conversion zones to providing you with monthly proof-of-performance reports.Start Your PPC Campaign Today!To start your highly effective PPC campaign today and start growing your law firm, get in touch and we’ll discuss your strategy and quote with no obligation.Call us at 855-943-8736 or Email Us and one of our Pay Per Click Experts will discuss a strategy that will work for your law firm.
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