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Digital Video Display Advertising

The goal is to add video to your marketing efforts in order to get you more clients. Video is the number one converting digital media. We create custom 30 second videos that help convert your website traffic. Add our Rapid Traffic program for high traffic and conversions.

ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing is  an industry leader in providing businesses of any size with powerful tools and research to effectively and efficiently target traffic audiences to help you get new clients. Our passion for online display is fueled by our understanding of today’s advertising reality: cutting edge audience targeting technology has changed the landscape of local advertising.

Bottom Line: YOUR business needs new clients.

What’s the number one way to get new clients to your site?



We Do That With:

1. Story Board Production Process

2. Video Syndication Process

3. Video SEO


Fun Facts About Video Marketing

Consumers Buy After Seeing Video

Businesses Grow Faster Using Video Marketing

Consumers Prefer Video

Consumers Remember Video Better Than Text

Videos Are A Good Website Magnet































Custom Ad Video Creation => We design and create video ads that focus on your service(s). Videos are an eye catcher and convert at a much higher rate that digital display banners.

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  • 30 Second Offer Commercial
  • Prime Time Graphics & Animation 
  • Professionally Written Script
  • Spokes Person Voice Over
  • Uploaded and Optimized On Authoritative YouTube Channel
  • Syndicate It To Social Networks
    • Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, embed into optimized Web 2.0 sites, Google RSS Feed Syndication
  • Organically SEO Optimize To Rank For Your Brand
  • Optimized thumbnail
  • Perfect for you to add to your Google My Business

Want To Really Market Your Video?

Package 1:

  • New 30 second video each month
  • Story boarding/scripting
  • Syndicate to YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Optimization to rank for company name
  • Optimized thumbnail
  • up to 10,000 impressions in your zip code
  • campaign optimization and management

Package 2: Add the following to above:

  • Up to 15,000 impressions in up to 5 zip codes
  • 1 new video created each month
  • Add the video into Google RSS Feed Syndication
  • We add the video to your Google My Business

Package 3: Add the following to above:

  • Up to 25,000 impressions per month in up to 10 zip codes
  • Add Warm Traffic Retargeting
  • Add Personalized landing page
  • Add Custom Tracking Number

Package 4: Add the following to above:

  • up to 50,000 impressions per campaign in up to 15 zip codes
  • embed the video in optimized Web 2.0 sites and continually build backlinks to the video and landing page

Custom Landing Page => This page is customized for desktop and mobile display.  We use the content from your website and any content you provide (Call to Action, Unique Selling Proposition, etc.).  We include a form that potential clients can complete which is emailed directly to you.

Tracking Number=> We create a tracking number for you that will send calls to the destination number you provide.  The tracking number is embedded on the custom ad videos, custom banner ads and custom landing page.

Video SEO => Once the video is created, we include video search optimization for your brand and service(s) to get more visibility of the video on Google and YouTube.  We add the video to a mature, highly optimized YouTube channel that will help boost the video ranking signals. We also add your video to your Google My Business account for greater views and conversion from your GMB account.

Video Syndication => We share your video on optimized social networking sites, embed your video(s) into optimized Web 2.0 properties that are specific to your practice area(s), syndicate the videos via RSS feeds to be picked up by Google and other RSS feed services, and backlink the video(s) and Web 2.0 properties all of which increase valuable traffic.

Video and Ad Display Optimization Management => We take care of the ad and video creations, marketing and ad placements of where to get the most targeted clients for your firm.  We use real-time and programmatic bidding to increase your display ads and videos exposure at the right times and locations. We optimize display and video ad sets based on best performing adverts monthly.

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