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Why LegalConference?

Videoconferencing with Live Document Collaboration

Video Conferencing-Secure File Storage and Transfer

LegalConference was created by lawyers for lawyers. We have nearly 20 years of experience providing videoconferencing services to the legal community – from court house to jail videoconferencing arraignments and bail hearings to attorney depositions of experts and witnesses. LegalConference has evolved into one of the most efficient server side software packages available to the legal community, accommodating attorneys with scheduling conflicts, allowing for an online meet instead of in person. LegalConference also serves as a neutral environment for mediation or settlement conferences where parties are uncomfortable being in the same room.

LegalConference is the only videoconferencing service that allows for secure live document exchanges during a conference without the need for e-mail or faxing of materials. The videoconferencing service combines document review and video communication into one easy-to-use program with higher standards of security and confidentiality than previously available.

Legalconference was created by lawyers for the legal community. It was designed specifically to combine document review and video communication into one easy to use program with higher standards of security and confidentiality than what has been available in the marketplace. It was believed that too many web based services neglected the importance of confidentiality and security. Therefore, LegalConference went through very strict development standards in order to solve the security aspects of the document storage while maintaining a confidential communication platform between attorneys and their clients.

Is the LegalConference security system the new standard?

To create a new security standard for the legal industry a software cover was wrapped around a security encryption process in order to deliver 3 separate services (client management, document storage/retrieval and videoconferencing).  Under the LegalConference design, each of these 3 services are designed to contain individualized security applications that operate independently from each other.  This allows for the delivery of client data, documents, and video through a “layering effect” that prevents the breach of security of any one element if another element is somehow compromised.  Legalconference has pioneered a multi-level security system that delivers a seamless interface to the user.  There are no separate download requirements for individual users, no software downloads and no need to operate 3 different services at the same time in order to conduct a meeting with a client or others while discussing and editing a document. The layered security standard established by LegalConference permits the secure and flawless client consultation of legal documents through a video system that eliminates needless downloads and multiple products.

What is Legalconference?

Before LegalConference came into existence, if a lawyer wanted to review secure documents with a client, it was necessary for the lawyer to use and multiple systems that needed to be downloaded through an open ended web cloud operated by third parties.  Then the lawyer needed to use an additional third party videoconferencing system to communicate with a client or office staff.  Finally, another third party system was needed in order to track any client activity, e.g. scheduling a calendar event. This convoluted methodology in reviewing client documents, or performing settlement conferences, or conducting depositions was an embarrassment to the modern lawyer.  It also lacked the security and confidentiality standards that are mandated for the modern law office.  Since those convoluted systems were built for the general public at large and not the lawyer, they have been problematic for the law office. With LegalConference those problems are eliminated and that is why LegalConference has become such an important product for the modern law office.

Not only was LegalConference designed to combine document storage with live videoconferencing, it was designed to handle the requirements of confidentiality and assures the attorney that the clients are accessing their own information.  Third parties or other clients are unable to view confidential client information that belongs to a specific client. This is why the client monitoring that LegalConference provides is a “must have” industry standard that records exactly when clients access their own files. The LegalConference system is designed to give the client the confidence that the attorney is using a industry specific service designed to protect the client’s interests.  LegalConference has focused upon providing the legal industry and the individual law firm a secure and bundled system in attorney-client relations.

How does Legalconference work?

Communication Efficiency:

LegalConference is unique in that it offers web based videoconferencing services which allow any web browser to access a video room for a conference. No software download is needed. Consequently, communication though the Internet can be done easily with anyone in the world without long distance charges.

Communication Security:

LegalConference has become a leader in secure video conferencing through its multi-layered encryption for the video packets that are delivered through a single port. This ability to streamline the network traffic through a single port utilizes the same type of network traffic encryption as a typical financial institution. This allows for the video calls to be more secure and streamlined than the standard methods of videoconferencing.

Document Viewer: is one of the few online conferencing systems that allows the participants to upload documents while converting the documents to a web friendly format. This allows any participant, regardless of the web browser used, to view selected documents without the need for any uploads of any third party software.  By using the secure LegalConference system, anyone can participate and review the documents with the host while knowing that the conference and the documents are kept confidential.

Document Security:

The LegalConference file storage system allows law firms to store documents securely in a protected offline environment so that the document can only be viewed by a special request through the proprietary software. This methodology is similar to a bank process that permits individuals to store items in a bank vault. Imagine going to a bank to withdraw money. The only time the money is accessed is when a bank teller goes to the vault to retrieve your money upon request. The document vault that LegalConference uses works on the same principle. The LegalConference software access of documents from the vault is similar to a bank teller retrieving funds from a bank vault for a customer.

Client Security:

Each client file is stored separately and independently of any others. LegalConference was purposely built to permit a law firm to assign individual client file numbers for individual clients. There is no reusing of files or meeting rooms.  Once a law firm is finished with a client file-meeting room, the entire file/room can be archived and stored offline for years thereby allowing for later retrieval. This permits a law firm to treat each individual client file as a safety deposit box that remains inside a secure vault.

Customizable To A Law Firm:

The unique advantage of LegalConference over others online storage services is that there is no set storage limit in terms of the individual client files that can be opened or access when using LegalConference. Each firm can expand its storage space, as needed. This flexibility allows a law firm to purchase individual client files as the demand requires. It is just as if the attorney were to go to the office supply store to buy additional file folders for the firm clients.  Individual client files can be added as the law firm grows.

Client Tracking:

With LegalConference, the attorney can turn client files into online meeting rooms and keep track of meeting dates and hours spent in meetings with each client. This system allows for the additional advantage of keeping track of time and billing.  LegalConference is designed to keep records of when a client accesses important files or information. This allows the law firm to track when a client visited and who is visiting the file. This eliminates the time wasted in attempting to hunt down the date of an email or if an email was even read. This tracking can be reviewed monthly or weekly by the attorney or a designated staff member.

Financial Benefits of LegalConference

Save On Travel Expenses:

Example One: The amount of time for commuting between client meetings is largely not billable to the client; therefore, if a law firm can eliminate or minimize the time wasted in shuttling between meetings and convert that time to more actual meeting time, such as in document review with the client, more billable hours can be achieved in a given day.

Example Two: Weather and vehicle repairs constitute unfortunate and unnecessary obstacles to every busy attorney.  Therefore, if the average lawyer loses two or three days a year due to travel and repair events, a loss of valuable billing time is the result.  With LegalConference many of those lost days and lost billing time can be eliminated through the active participation of client file review and video conferencing from an office or some remote location. Accordingly, the lost billable hours are eliminated.

Example Three: Environmental Impact is real. Working with LegalConference at the office or at home or at a remote location eliminates the unnecessary consumption of fossil fuels. If an individual takes 1 day a month to use LegalConference thereby saving on travel expenses to and from work for a total of 12 days a year, the amount of money saved on fuel alone would be equivalent to $100.00 and 192 lbs of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Save On Office Expenses: By utilizing existing office computers without having to upgrade every computer, the LegalConference online videoconferencing and secure document storage provides a system that does not require downloads in order to participate in a video call and/or to review documents in real time. An older computer that is several years old can still access the site and participate in reviewing documents and with an “off-the-shelf” web camera a lawyer can communicate via live video thereby salvaging already existing office equipment.  There is no need to spend between $20, 000 to $60,000 on video equipment and/or large bandwidth phone lines.  By using LegalConference an attorney gains the maximum benefit of existing office equipment.

Save On Physical Storage: Typically, the purchase of additional file cabinets to store client files or the rental of space needed to physically hold files, add up to unnecessary expenses and possible losses of files and documents that present unseemly and expensive recovery costs . If a law office gravitates to electronic storage of client material, the location, replication, and recovery of a client’s documents is efficient, easy, and immediate.  Plus, the electronic filing “frees up” the physical storage space presently used by a law office. LegalConference provides secure online document storage for each of an attorney’s client files. This secure online storage space can become a life saver is something ever happens to the physical documents (fire loss, flood loss, or other unforeseen events).

Cost Effective File Back Up: LegalConference secure online storage system is more economical then other storage services. Unlike other online storage systems that charge a bulk rate for so much storage space, LegalConference was built to allow its members to purchase individual folders, as needed, thereby enabling an attorney to purchase storage space as need.

It’s The Clients Cost: With more and more clients requesting secure online document storage to have access to their information any time of day or night, the LegalConference file system allows the storage to be billable to each client for their personal and secure file system for as little as $35.00 a year for each file.  Since it is the client’s file, this cost can be passed directly to the client by the law firm.  Bulk storage systems are not set up to allow for this type of individual client file system.

Bundled Savings: LegalConference helps law firms save money with a bundled directory listing. No other service currently offer’s a legal directory listing which is included for no extra cost when the videoconferencing and document storage system is purchased by the law firm.  This fact alone makes the LegalConference product a service that saves money; but it can actually generate revenue from the referrals through the listing of the law firm at 8 different websites.

No other service has a fraction of the benefits noted.  The LegalConference video conferencing system with document share and storage is an inclusive package that allows for efficient cost savings and a return on investment within the first year of use.

Start saving money today with LegalConference.  Please call to take advantage of this offer.

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