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Video Marketing is an Amazing Way for Attorneys to Enhance Their Website & Law Practice…

Consumers trust websites that have videos and are far more likely to become your client. Our video marketing services will get you started quickly in harnessing the power of online video. We will create a customized professional motion graphic video that will advertise your law firm, announce news or provide FAQs.

  • A law firm is 53 times more likely to show up first in Google search results if a video is on their website.
  • Adding a video to a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80 percent.
  • Mobile users prefer video to text and mobile video viewership more than doubles every year.
  • 98 percent of consumers say they have watched a video to learn about a law firm.
  • Facebook users are seven times more likely to like or share a post if it includes a video.

We can create three (3) styles of videos.  The video is completed in just two business days—a service that typically costs thousands of dollars for a professionally produced video with an on-camera spokesperson and custom graphics is far less with ForLawFirmsOnly.  We can use these types of videos in any of our lead generation programs.

“Your Law Firm” or Corporate Style Video-We can create a video to tell the world about your law firm.

The Your Law Firm or Corporate Style video is a one minute video that uses a professional on-camera spokesperson in a business-like setting with custom graphics, announcer voiceovers, and “b-roll” (which is video and/or images of your law firm or personnel)

A “Your Law Firm” or Corporate video supercharges your website by helping to communicate effectively with your audience. Use the video everywhere: website, social media pages, YouTube, email marketing, and landing pages.

“News Update” Style Video-We can create a video for
a company press release, company updates, employee communications, announcements and more.

The News Update Style video is a one minute video that uses a professional on-camera spokesperson in a newsroom setting with news-style graphics, announcer voiceovers, and “b-roll” (video/images of the company or product).

Your News Update Style video supercharges your website for more effectively communicating with your audience. Use the video everywhere: website, social media pages, YouTube, email marketing, and landing pages.

FAQ” Style Video-We can create a video to use Frequently Asked Questions.  Use your FAQ video for typical law practice questions, employee training, customer support, or legal education.

The Frequently Asked Question video is a one minute video that uses a professional on-camera spokesperson in a business-like setting to answer your law firm’s questions. A custom graphic at the beginning of the video includes the question, as well as your law firm’s branding. A custom graphic at the end of the video includes your firm’s branding, along with a call to action and contact information.

Convert your FAQs into videos to communicate with your audience in the most effective way. You can use your video everywhere: your website, social media pages, YouTube, email marketing, and landing pages.

The Top Benefits of Video Marketing

  • Videos make you stand out from the crowd and get the attention of your target audience
  • Help you appear more professional
  • Are so much more memorable compared to traditional types of advertising
  • When used correctly, can be an incredible way to convey a message to your consumers

Our video solutions include:

Custom Video Campaigns

We provide amazing custom video services. Get your hands on the most professional and affordable custom video service in the industry.

Custom Videos for You

Brand your business using character explainer videos, whiteboard videos, sketch videos that talk about your business and your products. Small and large businesses have already benefited from our expertise.

Video Creation Magic

You want a video? We can create it. You want a custom video shot in a studio? We can create it. Need explainer videos? No problem.

Revolutionary Video Marketing

What are revolutionary video marketing campaigns? We setup high converting video landing and optin pages.

Video SEO

While we differentiate ourselves from our competition by providing unparalleled video creation quality, our Video SEO and Marketing service is world class.

YouTube SEO and Marketing

Marketing campaigns encompass a number of areas and we can provide you with expert planning and walk you through each step of your marketing campaign. We will take your law firm on a ride of growth and profits!

Get started on your NEW Video Campaign

Just provide us with all the details that you require and we will get started on your dream project in a matter of hours!

Any Organization or Business could use a Video News Release (or otherwise known as Video Press Releases) to help achieve its marketing objectives.

The most frequent question we hear from our site visitors is “What’s a Good Reason for Creating a Video Press Release or VNR”?

The answer is; ANY Marketing Message or Announcement could be applied as a Video News Release:

From a major case win, a law firm award, organizational recognition or recent accreditation, any upcoming schedules of note, organizational event or gathering, providing of new legal white papers, a company milestone reached, employee hire or recognition…pretty much any promotional “Story” could give you the exclusive benefits of a Video Press Release.

Why try and sell your audience when you can engage with them instead with the power of a Video Press Release?

Of course you could always call us for a no obligation consultation as to how we could help you craft the perfect press release for your needs.

Why does a Video News Release Make Sense for your law firm?

  • News ratings of all kinds (mainstream and online) have seen record levels in 2017 and there’s no change in site. It’s a proven fact that more and more of your target market is searching out News to help them make educated decisions about anything and everything including legal decisions.
  • Press releases have always been an effective way for a company or organization to create awareness. When done right, a strategic press release can outperform an expensive advertising program by 5-10 times. Giving any law firm an incredible bang for their marketing dollar.
  • The power of Online Video in undeniable. If you’ve been doing business online (no matter what your industry or market) it’s evident the organizations that get their marketing message out most effectively are using online Video.
  • We have various distribution options available as well.  In your initial consultation with us (free), we’ll explain your options for distributing your VNR to a vast array of outlets, from standard news organizations to more web based sharing options.

Put all these important factors together and you’ll quickly see how Video News Releases are a Powerful Tool that any law firm Large or Small could benefit from. AND you’ll get the added benefit of using the power of online video in a different manner then most of your competition.

Your VNR provides instant Authority, Trust and Emotional Engagement (people love a story and will watch your VNR up to 3 times longer than a typical video advertisement).

No lengthy production times or expensive costs involved with shooting and editing a video for your business. Our online video service takes a fraction of the time and cost of standard business video services.

Using our professional video spokespeople, your video will have the engaging power and urgency of a real news flash and a professionally produced news story.

Contact us today to find out more about how our unique and powerful video marketing services will help your law firm stand out at a fraction of the cost of other video services. Email us or better  yet, Call 855-943-8736 and speak with one of our Online Marketing Experts.


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