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Why Are Mobile Apps Essential to Making Your Law Firm’s Marketing Successful?

If you are like most attorneys, you have been less than pleased with your return on investment when it comes to your online marketing efforts. From Yellow Pages ads and radio spots to direct mail and email marketing, you paid a pretty price and expected great results, but were disappointed when the results simply didn’t come. The problem is that the forms of marketing you have utilized haven’t been able to reach your clients and prospect where they are and in the way that is most comfortable, familiar and accessible to them. The solution?

Mobile apps for attorneys

The New York Times has labeled mobile marketing the most powerful media ever invented—more powerful than e-mail, newspaper, direct mail, and television ads combined. There are currently 1,000,000 android activations each day. More and more people are using mobile phones and tablets to do everything online. The question is, are your law firm’s marketing efforts reaching your prospects through all the mobile channels?

Attorney Marketing Solution: Custom Mobile Apps

We have the platform, the people and the expertise to make your firm’s marketing transition to mobile as easy and painless as possible. By creating a custom mobile app, your law firm will finally experience the marketing results you have been expecting, reaching more prospects and clients than ever before.

Take one look around you when you are out and about and you will quickly see that everyone is using their mobile devices. We now live in a mobile world, and so should your marketing efforts if you expect to stay competitive.

We make utilizing your new mobile apps incredibly easy with push notifications allowing you to reach clients and prospects within seconds with messages they will receive and read immediately. Our team of mobile app experts works closely with you to create the custom app designed to meet the needs of your law practice.

Here are four benefits of offering your clients a mobile app.

  • Stay connected with your clients.
  • Get referrals with a click of a button.
  • Keep clients informed about the law and your firm.
  • Establish your firm as leading edge.

Offering your clients a mobile app is an effective way to increase client loyalty, generate referrals, differentiate your practice from the competition, and stay on the forefront of this exciting new technology.

Don’t miss out on even one more client. Contact us today to discover how you can get a custom mobile app for your practice to attract new clients and retain current ones to grow your practice like never before.

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