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MyShingle Theme Week: The Power Of An Extra Hour

MyShingle Theme Week: The Power Of An Extra Hour

This past weekend, as the clocks fell back we gained an extra hour. And since it usually takes a couple of days to acclimate to the time change, most of us ought to be able to take advantage of that extra hour each day this week.

So this week, the theme of MyShingle is “The Power of An Extra Hour.” Each day of this week, starting today, I’ll blog about different ways that you can use that extra one hour to convert it into one – or more – new matters. Spoiler alert: each of the topics is listed on this nifty infogram depicted here – but the posts will offer far more detail, including resources and scripts that you can use to make the most of your hour.

Because an hour a day isn’t much time, to make the most of it, follow the steps on this handy, downloadable checklist:

By the way – the MyShingle theme week is an experiment. For years, most of my content has been fresh – meaning, produced the day of publication – rather than canned in advance. But with my schedule as crazy as it’s been over the past few months, fresh content simply isn’t feasible so I came up with the idea of theme weeks to help to generate posts in advance.

Meanwhile, the theme for next week is Annuals: Holidays & End of Year Traditions.

Here is a link to the first post, Update That Profile!

Power Hour #2: Seasonal Business Cards

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Author: Edward Lott

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