Mass Tort Cases-Exclusive Mass Tort Cases Ready To Litigate

Mass Tort Cases-Exclusive Mass Tort Cases Ready To Litigate


Our ZERO RISK CLIENT ACQUISTION PROGRAM is unsurpassed in quality and attention to detail when it comes to finding high value plaintiffs for your firm.

Mass Tort Cases Ready To Litigate

Available With OR Without Medical Records

If your law firm handles mass tort, you’ll want to talk to us!

Buy direct from a lead generation firm.  It is all we do.


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Your current vendor probably already does or wants to!

What’s the hardest task for your firm?

Obtaining cases right?

Well not anymore!

We provide highly qualified mass tort clients to your firm.



By having a division that focuses only on mass tort lead generation for lawyers, we’re able to put all our energy and marketing resources into getting the highest quality mass tort leads for our clients. While other mass tort lead generation companies focus on 10-15 different areas of law services, we go deep into generating mass tort leads.  All of our other services center around lead generation for attorneys and helping our clients convert more leads into paying clients.


For all of our mass tort leads, only one law firm receives each inquiry, minimizing the risk of a competitor beating you to the punch.


With our detailed reporting, you can always see what’s been delivered and what’s turned into a client for your firm. By focusing on transparency, we’re able to provide high quality mass tort and personal injury lead generation for lawyers across the US.


Since we limit the number of firms we work with, we strive to cultivate very solid client relationships and provide mass tort lead generation for lawyers that are going to stay with us for years to come. As such we are very responsive and offer small intro orders for mass tort leads with no contracts. Our business model is to lock you in with the quality of our mass tort legal leads, not with some contract that makes it impossible for you to leave.

How it Works?

Engagement and Conversion

Searching for lawyers or legal information, prospects will find one of our web properties, sponsored ads, social adverts, or TV ads and call a tracking number or complete a form to Request a Free Consultation with a local law firm.

We focus our advertising efforts on Google Maps, organic SEO (Google, Bing, Yahoo), Google Ads, Bing, and Facebook, but depending on your ideal client profile, we may turn to other platforms.  Unlike other mass tort ad agencies, we have experience with a number of different ad platforms, so we can use just the right one to get the job done.  We focus on mobile marketing, utilizing Voice Search, to capture some of the best and highest converting leads.

We also use remarketing and behavioral targeting in our lead generation campaigns. Remarketing and behavioral targeting allow us to target the right people at the right time with the right message to get them on the phone.

Quality Screening Process

Using a proven screening process, we remove all the invalid leads from our capture system.

Delivery of Legal Leads

  • All plaintiff documents MUST be signed for the lead to be sent to you. If the plaintiff does not sign all of the documents, you are not sent the lead.  No risk to your firm=ZERO RISK MASS TORT LEADS™

Once screened to ensure quality, a member of our Intake Team walks a prospect through the process.  At the very least, we have the potential sign your retainer and HIPPA documents that you provide.  In other instances, we will send out a medical investigator to review the case with the potential, get your retainer and HIPPA and HITECH signed and take photos where appropriate.

Spend Your Time With Only The Most Qualified Prospects.

We are currently providing high quality leads in the following areas (subject to change-we are constantly adding new tort cases in this program)

Why pay for wrong info form fills, when you can have signed cases ready to go and waiting for you to just settle the case!

How many terrible contacts do you need to hunt down, and chase before one actually becomes a real client?

No more wasted time and costs with our highest value to your law firm. Low risk to your law firm-if a plaintiff does not sign, you don’t pay for it.

No longer chase wrong numbers, or “not interested” leads. Pursue cases where you will bring back the highest ROI on your time spent, where almost all is done for you. We’ve been producing high dollar cases and return on marketing investment to our partners for years.

Experience Our Expertise in Mass Tort Case Generation and Intake Process

We consistently produce the highest quality mass tort leads to attorneys nationwide, and are the premiere case generation company in the USA.

Over 25 years delivering high quality personal injury and motor vehicle cases by using proven techniques to obtain more filed cases and high dollar settlements.

Using our multi-channel lead generation programs using, Google search, solo-email, web banners, social media, online surveys, and offline advertising such as radio and TV, we gather potential plaintiffs who are thoroughly vetted with your law firm’s criteria.

Mass Tort Leads can help your law firm navigate the up and down, feast or famine nature of marketing for mass tort cases. With time tested advertising strategies, an authoritative informational website, a network of trusted affiliates across the US, and one of the top intake teams in any industry, we can help your firm secure more signed cases fast.

We also have the ability to scale our mass tort leads up or down as the litigation unfolds and marketing gets more expensive.

Many of the Biggest and Best law firms in the country have trusted ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing with their advertising dollars directly or through their agency.

Mass Tort Exclusive Leads

Why use us

  • Leads at a fixed price
  • Cut your marketing costs and expenses
  • All Cases are fully vetted to your law firm’s standards
  • Vetted and qualified plaintiffs ready to go, and SIGNED on the dotted line

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Get started before your competitors do…
there a limit to how many clients we can onboard.



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