Reasons To Outsource Local SEO and Digital Ad Marketing To An Agency

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If you are a savvy business owner, you know that Local SEO and Digital Ad Display Marketing play a major role in your online marketing strategy.

What you might not know is how you should develop your local online strategy and whether it should be done in-house or outsourced to a third party.

There are times it makes sense to have an in-house team, but more often than not it makes more sense to outsource the work. The decision to outsource really comes down to how large your need is.

Your budgets are a big consideration. Hiring an in-house Digital Marketer can be expensive. A good in-house Digital Marketer will cost on average $75K per year. When you add benefits you are looking at $90K. Can your law firm afford this? Compare this to an agency, where the average retainer is $4K-$6K per month, depending on the services provided. Add in the pay per click and digital display ad costs but that would be added to an in-house person as well. Agencies can often be a much more affordable option, especially for a small to medium sized firms that does not have a lot of resources.

You also want the best Digital Marketing talent working on your law firm’s marketing strategy. The biggest positive advantage of outsourcing Digital Marketing to an agency is the skill set and expertise you receive. The online world changes rapidly and search algorithms are continuing to evolve as is the technology. Keeping up with those changes is critical. Agencies tend to have a larger team of experts with a more diverse set of talents and skill sets. This gives the agency the flexibility to utilize more or less resources as needed over a period of time. With the increased variety in skills, different resources can be assigned to different projects that are in line with their skill set. If you want to ensure you get the best in digital marketing resources, working with an agency can be your best bet.

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There is a more apparent cost savings. I have seen first-hand on too many occasions money wasted by small companies that hired an in-house marketer or did it themselves (here is where I can say, I don’t practice law, you shouldn’t practice digital marketing) because they were learning the skills on the job. The management fee of an AdWords and Facebook certified agency would have been well offset by both the savings on the ad costs and the huge increase in the company’s ROI. The top agencies use programmatic, real-time bidding and AI (artificial intelligence) software along with expertise human oversight to save their clients significant ad fees, gaining greater exposure of their ads at the right time their potential leads are looking for their services and higher conversions. The cost of these programs is spread out over multiple clients, making it affordable for the agency. The expertise on using these types of programs comes with the agency.

If you are looking for help with your online marketing strategy, hiring an outside agency will allow you to allocate your digital marketing to skilled professionals so you can focus on the things you do best.

If you would like more information on what we do and how we can help your law firm grow, contact us at 855-943-8736 or email us at We would love to spend time with you to develop a personalized digital marketing plan that fits your budget and goals.

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Reasons To Outsource Local SEO and Digital Ad Marketing To An Agency
If you are a savvy business owner, you know that Local SEO and Digital Ad Display Marketing play a major role in your online marketing strategy.
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Author: Edward Lott

Edward Lott, Ph.D., M.B.A. is president and managing partner of Allentown-based ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc., a local search and digital marketing agency that offers clients lead generation, local seo and Google Maps Domination. Ed has been a digital entrepreneur since 1994, having discovered very early the opportunities the Internet offered. After having spent over two decades helping attorneys grow their practice, Ed joined the staff of ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing as President and Managing Partner, where he is expanding the agency’s cutting-edge services to the legal market. A true marketing futurist, Ed's vast experience working directly with attorneys has given him a unique perspective on law firm marketing not found in many other digital marketing agencies. Ed has reshaped the offerings of ForLawFirmsOnly to focus on growing law firms through a holistic approach to digital marketing evident in the reformulated lead generation processes now in place. Want to learn more about ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing, their lead generation programs, or just talk to Ed about his visions for helping law firms grow? Call him at 855-943-8736.

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