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Are Older Local Reviews Relevant

Posted on by Edward Lott

Aging Testimonials Lose Their Influence It’s more than an obvious fact that consumers are most likely going to rely on newer reviews than the older ones. Also, in comparison with older people, younger individuals greatly depend on reviews for a number of things. What’s so surprising in this, you would ask? A new study has … Continue reading “Are Older Local Reviews Relevant”

Better Manage Your Online Reviews

Posted on by Edward Lott

When you buy a product online or are looking to engage the services of a firm, don’t you look at the reviews, before you spend your hard-earned money? It’s a natural human tendency. And the higher number of good reviews you see the more confident you become of the services that are offered. Reviews are … Continue reading “Better Manage Your Online Reviews”

How To Take Down Fake Reviews

Posted on by Edward Lott

Unfortunately, getting a fake review on your Google My Company profile is not an uncommon event. In fact, it’s relatively common and something many businesses have experienced it one way or the other. Both Amazon and Yelp have sued fake review posters. Also, in New York, action was taken by the State Attorney General against … Continue reading “How To Take Down Fake Reviews”

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