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Imagine you run a complicated business that deals with importing goods or services from other countries with different tax structures, custom duties, and legalities. You need someone to take care of all the accounting and then create a report interpreting the data that a layman can understand.
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Would you let your bookkeeper do the job, or would you rather entrust it to a certified chartered accountant? I don’t know about you but I’d go with an experienced chartered accountant.  With his expert knowledge and time spent on the field, I’d feel at ease.
Similarly, if you’re a lawyer or are planning to run your own law firm, it’s essential to specialize in a niche.  The advantage of being a specialist in a concentrated area is that you can build credibility in these areas and make a name for yourself.
Developing yourself as an expert in your field takes time and effort but it’s all worth it in the end.  And once you’ve established yourself as an authority… you will naturally set yourself a cut above the firms who would handle anything.
We all know experts are paid well too. A prime example of this would be at the hospital. If you visit an orthopedic surgeon for consultation their charges would be higher than if you had visited a general physician.  The money will follow once you establish yourself as an expert.
No one is a born expert or becomes an expert the day the finish law school. You’ve got to put in considerable effort and here are a few tips that will help you on your way.
Reach out and Help:  Most lawyers think it’s crazy to share research or briefs of similar cases outside of their firm. Let me remind you just in case it has slipped your mind, a filed brief is in the public records. You’re just making it easier for them.
There’s another benefit, it’s called the rule of reciprocation.  Humans as a race don’t like to be indebted, so they would always want to return the favor. Sometimes substantially larger ones than they received. There are exceptions no doubt. In case that doesn’t happen, you’ll still be known as the helpful lawyer! Isn’t that a bonus in itself?
Talk: I mean not only in the courtroom.  Get to networking events, industry gatherings, a trade show or a public forum that you can share your expertise with.
Legal departments at local universities and bar associations have continuing education programs that are always looking for speakers for their programs. By offering to volunteer you make life easier for them. In return, it will build your credibility.
Getting published online and in print: Local Legal newspapers are always on the lookout for stories to publish. If you have recently won a case there’s no better place to have it written about.
But you’ve got to put some work here too. Tracking down reporters, calling them up and explaining it to them about why it’s a good story, and not just telling them how great the win was.
That said, there are far more opportunities online where you could establish your expertise.  Apart from creating your website, you can help out with expert opinions in Legal forums where prospective clients are looking for help.
If you keep repeating these steps enough number of times so that it becomes like second nature… you’ll soon find yourself in the who’s who in your field of legal firms. Not only that,  you’ll have improved a lot in your art and expand your circle in all directions.
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The Expert Lawyer
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The Expert Lawyer
If you keep repeating the steps outlined enough number of times so that it becomes like second nature… you’ll soon find yourself in the who’s who in your field of legal firms.
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ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc.
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