Things That Aren’t Shut Down — See Also

- Things That Aren’t Shut Down — See Also

EVEN IF THE GOVERNMENT SHUTS DOWN, THE COURTS WILL STILL STAY OPEN: For three weeks. After that, I don’t know. I’m rooting for total anarchy though. I’m one of those “anarchy is preferable to tyranny” guys. Basically the entire project of Western political philosophy has been trying to tell me I’m wrong, but those philosophers have all been white. Here’s my post.

HOW ARE YOU DOING, 2LS and 3LS? Apparently 2Ls and 3Ls are more likely to screw around on their laptops than 1Ls. Which makes sense. Because law school should not be three years long. Anyway, Joe welcomes our readers here.

WE ASKED DEALBREAKER TO EXPLAIN CRYPTOCURRENCY: Listen to the podcast here. You might learn something, or, in the alternative, feel superior to me because you already knew all this stuff.

PAYDAY LOANS ARE EVIL: There’s really no excuse for making them come back, except for the fact that the President is a con-man and therefore has no problems with predatory “banking.” Post here.

MALE CLIENTS PREFER MALE ATTORNEYS: I mean, men suck. I’d apologize for my gender, but that would just make some man call me a ‘cuck’, and then I’d have to challenge that man to a fight, because I’m a man and I don’t really know how to settle my differences without at least threatening physical domination of my enemies. But I would be willing to hire a woman to defend me from the manslaughter charge, which, apparently, makes me a more evolved man than most. And because I’m a more evolved man than most, I generally feel I should be rewarded with sex and meat. Basically, I should probably be forcibly prevented from participating in society. But Kathryn’s post has some less violent and totalitarian solutions.

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