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  • ForLawFirmsOnly’s car accident lawyer marketing services include Behavioral Tracking, Identity Resolution and Machine Learning (AI) to identify prospects, in real time, who are actively in pursuit of a lawyer to represent them.
  • These prospects represent your most direct path to a new case —what many call “low-hanging fruit” — and are your quickest path to profits. We allow you to focus your marketing budget only on those prospects who are likely to hire you.
  • Stop wasting money on those who won’t.  Because you’re eliminating those people who aren’t interested with our car accident lawyer marketing services, more people will click (higher CTR), and you’ll get more clients.

I’m going to share exactly how an exciting new technology is generating clients for Attorneys month after month while costing much less than other forms of lead generation with a great conversion rate.

Intent Based Targeting

We have the ability to market only to prospects who are ready to hire legal counsel now. Our car accident lawyer targeted advertising reaches a real-time list representing a percentage of your market that is actively looking for an attorney to hire.

The technology combines Identity Resolution with behavioral tracking to produce targeting lists that are guaranteed to be populated by real human beings (not bots) exhibiting patterns that match the recent behaviors of those who hired an attorney to represent them.

Website Visitor ID

This technology enables us to finally see who is visiting your site and who is in your conversion funnel. Using Identity Resolution technology, we can choose and channel the best prospects to you and get you on the quickest path to success.

Hyper Focused Matched

We create hyper-focused Facebook and Google matched audiences. They multiply your reach by using deterministic, real-time behavioral data to create super-targeted lookalike audiences.

Defining your buyer personas helps to ensure that you’re only targeting the most valuable online audiences with the highest conversion potential and expanding your reach by providing access to prospects who may not be on your radar, but who meet a certain set of criteria.

  • Profit-Producing Targeting Technology — Built For Attorneys
  • Our program starts with 25 GUARANTEED, PRE-QUALIFIED leads per month for a fixed fee.
  • Most of our clients are converting between 20-30%.
  • We use AI based behavioral intent targeting to generate exclusive MVA leads .
  • Our car accident lawyer marketing campaigns use AI based behavioral targeting puts the ads in front of people that are actively being tracked as doing things online consistent with a claimant, so they are going to physical therapy websites, auto insurance claims pages to file a claim etc.
  • And because of that we can generate a consistent volume of exclusive leads every month, we can scale campaigns  easily and have a money back guarantee, guaranteeing the delivery of a specific amount of pre-qualified leads every month.
  • All our leads go through a pre-qualification process where they indicate they don’t have an attorney, they weren’t at fault, the date of accident they gave is within statute and they haven’t received any settlement yet, they also give a description of their accident/injury etc.

We collect 50 billion pieces of real time online behavior daily…
things like: 

  • keyword searches
  • URL-level navigation
  • content consumption
  • campaign response
  • past purchase behavior

Our Identity Graph collects and tracks data on 225 Million U.S. Consumers


When you have resolved the identity on all that real time behavior, you can now leverage Machine Learning AI to accurately predict who is getting ready to retain legal counsel.

The AI analyzes the pre-hire behavior of past clients to find the behavior patterns that led to retaining legal counsel. It then looks for new prospects who are on that same Path to Hire Legal Counsel.

Those are YOUR prospects!

Gain The Competitive Advantage

  • When you enjoy the results our car accident lawyer marketing services can provide, and you’re the only one who can get them, you have a competitive advantage.
  • That means more of the right client will choose you.
  • And because these prospective clients are already In Market, you’ll increase your caseload and grow your firm’s business — thus increasing your profits.
  • We help you increase your client list and caseload by leveraging a different set of forces — three technological forces, to be exact — that are changing the landscape for all law firms that rely on new client business to grow and thrive.
  • Month to Month-no long term contract.
  • Optional Booked Appointment Service-each lead will receive text/SMS and email follow up reminders to call you.  We chase them so you don’t have to (we recommend you contact each lead once it is received to increase your conversion rate).  We also chase them to rebook any missed appointments.  Ask our Sales Rep for details.

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