What Every Law Practice Website Must Have?

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 Users scan sites in a matter of seconds to find what they’re searching for or leave the website if it’s not relevant to their search. That split decision leave or to stay and browse a site could be attributed to a website’s design and simplicity. In case your law firm’s site falls short of a user’s expectations, you are passing up a prospective client.
Responsive Web Design

Here are Four Features that every great practice web site needs to have.

Responsive Website Design

The days of users chained at desktop computers are gone; now users are somewhat prone to hunt online from a tablet or a smartphone. In fact, more Google searches take place on a mobile device when compared to a desktop computer. Responsive websites are easier to browse for mobile device users, which can help reduce your bounce rates.

Related Content

A good law practice site must have high-quality content that’s related to your own practice area, expertise and successes. Develop content about your office and the services you provide. Don’t waste your website content on long videos, irrelevant content or images that are distracting that waste the user’s time. Select one principal topic and stick to it. Adding quality content that is relevant to your own site will help lower your bounce rate. Clear information increases the likelihood that a website visitor will be converted into by a client.

A Clear Purpose

Place your contact information front and center to help it become simple for users to touch base with you. A website without contact info or an apparent purpose can induce users to leave.  Accessible contact forms and your firm’s phone number on every page are important for conversion.
A responsive site that’s relevant, engaging and accessible to on-the-go users is a great start for your practice. With these attributes, you are more likely to attract and convert more website visitors.

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Live Chat

Law Firms want to make sure they are including live chat on their law firm website. Live chat helps to convert more web visitors and clients with unparalleled live interaction. Live chat offers your web visitors exceptional service while connecting with and engaging prospective clients before your competitor does.   We encourage you to implement live chat on your site and see if it is right for your law firm.
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What Every Law Practice Website Must Have?
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What Every Law Practice Website Must Have?
If your law firm's site falls short of a user’s expectations, you are passing up a prospective client. Here are some thoughts on what your site should include.
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