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Why Being Mobile Friendly is Important

Why Being Mobile Friendly is Important

A large part of your firm’s success lies in your ability to market yourself to new clients. Most firmly ascribe to the idea that the only way to reel clients in is by positioning themselves as experts in their industries. Yet the dirty little secret of marketing for law firms is that for the vast majority of the general public, their only criteria for assigning expert-level knowledge is for a source to demonstrate a degree familiarity that’s above their own. In essence, selling yourself as an expert may not be as difficult as you think.
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While this idea should definitely not deemphasize the need to convey you and your firm’s level of expertise in your field, it should definitely get you thinking about placing equal importance on other marketing aspects, such as the ability to reach clients first. Remember that whether it’s deserved or not, there’s often a stigma assigned to attorneys. Thus, people rarely go searching for legal services unless they actually have a need. That need is typically a heightened one, as people facing potential legal issues will usually need advice in the moment.

When Clients Are in Trouble, They Want Help Now!

Place yourself in the position of a prospective client. You’re quickly becoming caught up in a scenario with which you’re unfamiliar, and one that could potentially leave you facing some very serious legal and financial consequences. When split-second decisions need to be made, are you going to take the time to research multiple options when it comes to getting legal advice? Or are you going to contact the first name that comes up in your search for firms that deal with scenario which you find yourself now facing.

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Mobile Technology Statistics

Now couple that need for immediate assistance with these facts:

  • Currently, Americans own over 143 million smartphones and 71 million tablets
  • Of those device owners, nearly 25 percent of them claim that they only use them to access the Internet
  • Nearly 50 percent of mobile device users say that they won’t consider a site that won’t load properly or causes latency on their mobile devices

If the facts and scenarios mentioned above highlight anything, it’s that the need for your firm’s online marketing content to be mobile-friendly has never been greater.

Avoid Lazy Marketing

The simple fact of the matter is that not optimizing your content to scale specifically to mobile devices can easily be viewed as lazy marketing. After all, you’re expertise does not lie in web development. Thus, creating and maintaining a standard as well as a mobile site is a task that typically won’t fall directly to you, but rather the development partner in whom you’ve entrusted with the task of formulating your marketing strategy and creating its content. While ensuring that content is readily accessible across all devices might mean an added expense on your end, that extra investment will ultimately prove to be worth it if it gets your site in front of customers searching for immediate legal assistance from their tablets or smartphones.
Online marketing is without a doubt one of those areas where the idea that “the early bird gets the worm” applies. The faster that you’re able to get your firm’s message in front of prospective clients, the more likely you are to win their services. Through optimizing the marketing potential of mobile connectivity, you’ll ensure that your name is one of the first that people see immediately after those initial moments when they realize that they might need the advice of an attorney. BusinessCreator is committed to helping place your firm’s website firmly at the top of those initial searches.
Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.
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Why Being Mobile Friendly is Important
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Why Being Mobile Friendly is Important
Being mobile friendly will ensure that your firm is one of the first that people see when they realize that they might need the advice of an attorney.
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