Why Online Marketing is Important For Lawyers

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As an attorney, you’re required to wear many hats. For your partners, you’re that trusted advisor to whom they can turn when they’ve hit roadblocks in their own cases. To the employees of your firm, you’re the executive in whom they rely to make sound decisions to help ensure their job security. For your clients, you’re the potential lifesaver they need in order to seek justice, avoid financial ruin, and make informed decisions regarding themselves, their families, and/or their companies. Yet all of the needs of these parties cannot be met unless you’re also the kind of salesperson that can support your firm’s operations by constantly bringing new clients on board.
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Effectively marketing your firm’s services to new clients requires that you understand exactly what today’s consumer is looking for. It may seem odd to refer as those requiring legal assistance as consumers given that the need for such services is typically borne only out of necessity. Yet the fact is that even though your prospective clients are often only searching for you because they have to doesn’t mean that they don’t follow many of the same provider research patterns that they would when arranging other services.

Welcome to the Dawn of a New Marketing Age

Once you recognize this, then you also quickly begin to realize that the era of business cards and billboards is quickly coming to an end. Today’s consumer has his or her way of finding service providers plugged into a desk at home or carries it around with him or her in a pocket or a purse. According to the online marketing publication Advertising Age, 2013 saw 35.3 percent of all American marketing dollars spent on digital media. Most industry pundits believe 2015 will finally be the year in which online marketing spending will finally eclipse the amount spent on traditional methods.
Why this marketing paradigm shift? Simple: today’s consumer is much savvier compared to his or her predecessors. While in the past marketing focused on talking to customers, today’s emphasis is placed on talking with them. Current successful marketing campaigns are based upon three principles:

  • Engagement
  • Interaction
  • Feedback
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How Attorneys Can Take Advantage of Online Marketing

Perhaps no other industry shows how successful online marketing has been at incorporating these three philosophies than the legal field. Type in any search criteria related to a lawsuit, personal injury claim, or potential criminal penalties, and the immediate results will include multiple links to blog posts on attorneys’ sites that are directly related to these issues. Once there, you’ll be encouraged to interact with a live referral feed asking for the details of your problem and collecting contact information so that an attorney or paralegal can contact you immediately. After having provided you with their services, those attorneys who value online marketing principles may ask you to contribute a testimonial to be placed on their website for future clients to refer to.
It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in your efforts to reach out to prospective clients. Having an advertising and marketing partner that’s familiar with current industry trends and strategies and knows how to incorporate them into your individual marketing campaign is invaluable. Yet not just any partner will do; the uniqueness of the legal industry requires the assistance of an ad firm that’s familiar with all of the challenges that it can present. BusinessCreator is that partner. With our help, you’re online marketing efforts will continue to keep you and your firm busy for a long, long time.
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Why Online Marketing is Important For Lawyers
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Why Online Marketing is Important For Lawyers
Marketing your law firm to new clients requires that you understand search habits. With our help, you’re online marketing efforts will keep your firm busy.
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